Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Product Review: Ever Bilena Advance HD Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

One thing is sure, I am not a brand snob.  I love branded (or high-end) makeup, but I won't mind using those that some would call "low-end" or maybe "local" brands.  If the product works, not to mention a lot cheaper than what I've been using, why on earth would I not consider it?

Weeks ago, during the Robinsons Department Store event, I got the chance to check out the latest products from Ever Bilena...their HD makeup line.  Whoa! Yes dearies, Ever Bilena now has an HD makeup line.  Sounds pretty interesting,  so I made sure I grabbed some to test.

For now, I'll review their HD Waterproof Liquid eyeliner:

Add definition and dramatic look to your eyes with Ever Bilena Advance HD Waterproof Liquid eyeliner.  Comes in a water-resistant formula that keeps you looking eye-mazing for hours!  Enriched with Vitamin Eand Jojoba Oil, it helps nourish and moisturize your lids.

wand is kinda stiff, and you have to make sure to have a light hand when applying the liner (or make sure that it's just the tip that is actually touching your skin/lids) else, you'll end up with a thicker line. 


as you can see, it's really black and shiny

after rubbing the swatches, it became less shiny, but still jet-black

now, let's see how it goes with water:

swatches are still okay, so's water-resistant

how about after some rubbing?

uh-oh, so it's not really waterproof then!

I've checked the box again and it did say "waterproof" on the product label.  But on the description (see it just below the first picture above), it says "water-resistant."  These two are different. Makeup is said to be water-resistant if it doesn't come off with water (like what I did when I run water on the swatches) and waterproof if they still won't budge even after running water AND rubbing them.  So I guess Ever Bilena has to make their mind whether this one's waterproof or just water resistant.

But still, I think this is a good stuff.  I don't think I've come across a smudge-proof and water-resistant eyeliner that is not branded (or high-end).  I've tried other local brands and they moved after some good rubbing. But this one, didn't.  

I also love that it comes in a jet-black shade, and that it dries fairly fast.  I also didn't have any sort of allergic it's pretty good.  And with the price of Php180.00 PLUS 2 HD eyepencils (as freebies), I don't think you'd disagree if I say this is a good deal.  

Now on my eyes:

and after more than 8hrs:

it does still look as good when I applied it in the morning (sorry for the bad lighting and the oiliness, eww)

By the way, consistency's a bit runny so I think you have to be already good in lining your eyes if you're going to use this.  I've been lining my eyes for so long and yet I almost ended up with a wonky line (again, it helps if you make sure that it's only the wand tip that is touching your lids).  But of course, practice makes perfect!  

I can still say this one's a good buy. It's ideal for those who are still starting in collecting makeup and are on a budget.  It works, sans the high price tag.

Will I buy this again?
No. I have tons of eyeliners already and besides I prefer gel liner.  But if they will come up with a brown shade, or other colorful shades, I WILL!

EOTD: Sweet with a twist

Since I am always running late, I've been wearing a lot of simple eye makeup lately.  When I say simple, I mean just a lid wash and a crease color.  It's getting kinda boring, so for this EOTD, I decided to give it some twist.

The Face Shop Brow liner
MUFE Brow Corrector in 01
NYX HD eyebase
Beauty Pro Sweet & Smokey palette in Shimmery Beige (lids), Violet (crease) and Almond Beige to blend the edges
Covergirl Liquiline Blast in Blue (upper lashlines and waterlines)
Tonymoly Backstage gel liner
Majolica Majorca Lash King mascara


The blue liner made my eyes pop despite the simple eye makeup.  Maybe I can try green, violet and maybe orange next time!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

NOTD: Zoya in Mitzi

I know the weather's being wonky these days, but we all know that summer's just around the corner.  I've been wearing a lot of dark colors for my nails these past few months but now, it's time to get all those refreshing, summer-y colors out!

Zoya Matte in Mitzi

I got this as a gift from the Organic Rituals Spa during the exclusive screening of The Vow weeks ago.  Geesh, up until now, I can't still get Tatum's sheepish, cute smile off my mind. (okay, his butt included! LOL)  So if you haven't watched it, try to catch it ASAP.  It's such a heartwarming movie about staying true to your promises and about letting someone you really love go and letting them find themselves first and be happy even if that means not being with you.  Sigh...

 Ugh, okay going back to the polish (LOL!)  this shade is a part of Zoya's mod matte summer collection last year.  It's a matte bright lime shade and is perfect for summer.  But I'm not really into mattes, so I still used a top coat:
I love the shade, it reminds me of Shrek.

It's my first time to try Zoya and I'm 100% sure this won't be my last.  Like my other polishes, Zoya is free from harmful ingredients like toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and camphor.  Price's a bit steep compared to our local polishes, but aside from the gorgeous shades, it's safe!  It does stay chip-free for days too, or it could probably be the top coat.  

I wanted to try more Zoya polishes soon.  And having said that, I just remembered that it's been a while since I last visited a nail spa for some pampering.  So, I'm gonna go and drop by Organic Rituals Spa soon and try their services.  I'll let you know how it is after!


(So) Shocking Pink!

If there's one NYX lipstick that has been tested and swatched so many times during the Cosmetologie Fair last week, I would say it's no other than the NYX matte lipstick in Shocking Pink.

NYX Matte lipstick in Shocking Pink

It's an intense, bright pink with some lilac undertones.  I really got so envious with all the girls who tried this on and instantly became strikingly beautiful. I dunno what or how, but I don't think I've seen anyone who didn't look good when they tried this on.  It's like magic, really!

Yeah, the inggiterang palaka  (envious frog) in me just couldn't stand there and look...I had to get one for myself!  I know I don't really look good with bright lip colors, but what the heck. I want...nah, I NEED to get one.  

So here it is:

It looks almost neon...don't you think?

Super sorry for the (gigantic) eyebags...I've been awake for almost 2 days in this picture.  

So what do you think?  Does it suit me?  I would like to think that it does look good on me, but well, feel free to disagree!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Robinsons Department Store: Beauty Bound

Can you tell me what these lovely ladies are up to on a beautiful Saturday afternoon?

it's a February, and aside from being the Love month, it's also the time for Robinsons Department Store's...

It's the time of the year again for Robinsons Department Store to offer its customers the best deals in Beauty.  And this time, they call it "Beauty Bound."  Last year, they call it Tint Beauty Fair.

There was a Bloggers' Event last week at Robinsons Galleria and here's a list of some event activities:

Hair Test: Determine the level of your hair damage and get a recommendation on what is the best Dove Damage Therapy variant would suit you best. 

Sampling of White Beauty Natural 5g
Buy any 1 of the following: Ponds Clear Balance  facial wash 50g or 100g tube, Ponds White Beauty Cream 20g or 40g tube, Ponds Whit Beauty Cream 50g jar and get a free compact mirror

Free makeover from Revlon

free makeover from Maybelline from their chief makeup artitst, Archie Tolentino


Free makeover from Ever Bilena

Mirror Date: See how you'll look in 10years
For every purchase of Myra products worth Php199 entitles customer to one Myra promo pack (Vitawhite + lotion) and participation in the Myra Mirror Dare

Amazing Hair Transformation: Free hair wash and treatment with every purchase of Pantene regimen products; Before and After photo booth

After checking out the activities available at the basement of Galleria, we went straight to the Department Store (Beauty section) to check out what Robinsons has in store for us:


Php20 off on all face and eyes products on all weekends of February, and a whole lot more of discounts!

Ever Bilena
Free cosmetics pouch for a minimum purchase of Php350

and did you know that they now have an HD makeup line?

HD compact foundations and pressed powders

HD mascaras, eyeliners and stick concealers


Free clutch for a minimum Php2500 purchase of L'oreal makeup inclusive of the Color Riche lipstick
Free clutch for any purchase of Dermo Expertise moisturizer and Youth Code serum
P100 off on Dermo Expertise UV Perfect SKUs
30% off on selected Dermo Expertise SKUs
Free 5ml Youth Code sampler for every Php1000 purchase of Dermo Expertise and/or L'oreal Paris makeup products
15% off on Dermo Expertise SKUs all weekends of February

L'oreal Men Expert:
10% off on cleansers on all weekends of February
15% off on care products on all weekends of February
30% off on selected SKUs

L'oreal Excellence:
Free Total Repair 5 Shampoo 80ml for every pruchase of selected Excellence SKUs
10% off on all Excellence SKUs on all weekends of  February


10% off on selected items for every purchase of the NEW Colorburst Lip Butters

that's Kira checking out the rest of the good deals!

Free 100ml Vaseline Body Wash for every purchase of Vaseline Shampoo 275ml
Free tote bag for every Php200 worth of purchase of Unilever hair products
Free 100ml Vaseline Men Lotion for every purchase of Vaseline Men Lotion 250ml
Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Vaseline Men Body Wash 


10% off on all Garnier SKUs (except Pure Active line) on all weekends of February
10% off on Pure Active Scrub 100ml upon presentation of coupon
Free summer tote bag for every Php300 minimum purchase of Garnier products inclusive of Pure Active

10% off on all Nutrisse SKUs on all weekends of February

FREE wallet for every Php240 purchase of Ponds White Beauty Day creams or Clear Balance foams
FREE Tweety necklace for every Php1000 purchase of Ponds Gold Radiance
Free Ponds Gold Radiance serum sampler for every purchase of Ponds Gold Radiance day cream 50g
Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Ponds Flawless White UV Cream 30ml
  (ugh, I forgot to check if they have the cold cream back on stock)

Free bag for every Php200 worth of purchase of Dove Body items
Free bag holder for every purchase of 2 Dove roll ons or 1 aerosol
Free key chain for every purchase of 2 Dove Men roll ons or 1 aerosol

Free mini bag for every purchase of Rexona Women aerosol
Free gym towel and Unilever lanyard for every Php200 worth of purchase of Unilever Men Products (Vaseline Men, Axe, Rexona Men, Dove Men, Master, Clear Men)

Leyende!  I've been so intrigued with this brand for a long time now.  I'll grab some of their stuff soon! 

We were given Php1500 GCs to spend, so I got some of my essentials and some products to try (excited!):

It's a few more days to go before February ends, but it's better late than never!  Make a trip to the nearest Robinsons Department Store and take advantage of these awesome beauty deals. Yes dearies,  it's definitely the best time to stock up on your beauty essentials!

Friday, February 24, 2012

NYX Xtreme Lip Cream: Swatches

and my addiction to NYX lipcreams strikes again!

let me show you the first batch I got...
(yes, Sol..I'm going to get more! LOL)

NYX Xtreme Lipcream
Beautify your lips with this velvety rich lip cream that provides extreme pigmentation with a silky and glossy finish. This lip cream is a hybrid of lipstick, lip gloss, and lip stain with intense pigmentation all in one. 
I've been hearing a lot of raves about these lipcreams, too bad I only got to see them for real was during the Cosmetologie Fair days ago.  After seeing buyers try these on and see for myself how good it looks, I decided to get 4 shades that I like the most:

Candy Land - Dolly Girl - Natural - Pinky Nude

NYX Xtreme Lipcream in Natural

NYX Xtreme Lipcream in Candyland

 NYX Xtreme Lipcream in Pinky Nude

NYX Xtreme Lipcream in Dolly Girl

Pigmentation is AWESOME!  Application is a breeze, just make sure you've exfoliated your lips first as this can be drying to some. I love the vanilla-candy scent, been trying to keep myself from tasting far I'm succeeding, just not sure until when LOL!

Unlike the first lipcreams, these babies have just enough sheen for luscious-looking lips that won't make you look like you've smothered your lips with fat (or Lechon, perhaps!?)   Been using them since the day I got them and haven't had any allergies, nor drying of the lips. 

Staying power is good. I wore Candy Land... then had snacks, even drank Coke and the color's still there.  Some shades would leave some stain, so you won't end up with nude lips just in case you totally forget to retouch.

These lipcreams are priced at Php290, still cheap for something that can give you bold, beautiful pouts in no time. 

Get yours from Digitaltraincase
But please, leave some for me okie!?

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