Tuesday, February 14, 2012

and the winner for the Estee Lauder's Want to Look Younger on your Next Birthday is....

Julie Aragon 

I'm moved by the fact that you want to win this for your mom.  If you've been a follower for a long time,you'll know how much I love my mom and like your mom, she'd been thru a lot for me and my sister.  Despite being a single mom, she made sure that we get the best in everything.  She's not just our mom, but our bestfriend too!  We also share beauty stuff and beauty secrets! 

I'll be sending you an email in a while so we can go about how you can get your full-sized bottle of this awesome beauty product from our friends in  Estee Lauder!

Thanks for all those who joined and I really enjoyed reading your entries. 
Hopefully we can have more contests like this one soon! 

And oh, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, everyone!


Issa said...

Congratulations to the winner!

redshoetraveller said...

Thank you! I've been following this blog, yes...as a silent lurker...:) Great job and thanks for the tips! Helps a lot, really! (late reply coz I had my lappie fixed)

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