Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Benefit's Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow: Truly Wow-Worthy!

During the Benefit's Grand Launch, they introduced their newest baby, the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow liquid foundation.  According to Annie and Maggie, this will put an end to all sorts of foundation problems.  There has been a lot of ohhs and ahhs, most especially during their live makeover, but of course I would love to try it out on myself to see whether this baby is indeed WOW-worthy!

I was able to get sample sizes in Champagne (thanks Benefit!), which I already knew would be a tad darker on me since I'm using Petal from its powder counterpart, the Hello Flawless powder foundation.  

Benefit Hello, Flawless Oxygen Wow

Oil-free brightening liquid foundation that builds from light to medium coverage for a natural complexion.  It makes skin more luminous and healthier-looking.

Available in 9 shades having SPF 25 PA+++ (3 stars mean this has the highest level of protection).


it does look well-blended on my hand...let's see if it works out on my face

Before:  moisturized + protected with Obagi sunblock

after a layer of foundation, applied with fingers

It did cover some of the redness, so it's good.  What i did was to apply another layer but this time, i used patting motions.  It did take me awhile to cover the blemishes and my undereyes (no concealers) with just the foundation but I can say I am pretty satisfied with the result:

I used the Hello, Flawless powder to set it using the brush that comes with it.  I know it's a powder foundation but using a brush would only provide sheer coverage so the Oxygen Wow foundie really did the job of covering my nasty blemishes.  It does give you that certain luminous glow, as if I was able get a full 8-hrs sleep.  My skin looks healthier and hmmm, a bit more plump! (okay fine, I really do have big, plump cheeks to start with!)

My only mistake was I didn't apply a primer underneath so my face was like an oil mine after just a few hours.  Also, it did turn a bit dark on me...which is understandable since I am uber acidic and I should really be using the Petal shade instead of Champagne.  

But still, I am definitely going to wait for this to become available in our local Benefit store.  We were told that these babies will be available on April, so yeah 2 months to go!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'd be patient enough to wait, or else I'd  be asking some friends in the US to get this for me!

 This will be sold at Php1900 for a 130ml pump bottle.  Pricier than other foundations but this baby has skincare benefits so it's hitting two birds in one stone!  Those with imperfect skins like mine can still make this work without using concealers, just apply this in a patting motion (just be patient because this really takes a while) and it will really conceal those nasty secrets.  



kumiko mae said...

Oh my god, very nice coverage! It really did cover up the redness around your face! :D I read about that from Julia's blog and have been filled w excitement. The name's so long! it's cute :D

Issa said...

bagay ang name! WOW talaga! it has a very nice coverage! you look so pretty! :)

AskMeWhats said...

heheh natawa lang ako on the shade! heheheh glad you liked it and I can't wait to use mine! :) I will try to use this as concealer and try to cover redness from allergic reactions too! tamad lang talaga ako to use concealer so I like using foundation as concealer pa din :D

Another Late Bloomer said...

Looks like a good product. Sulit kasi ang ganda ng coverage. Just wondering if it feels light on your skin or medyo heavy? I liked Photoready kasi light lang yung feeling sa skin.

And thanks for the note that it's best to use it with a primer. I have crazy oily skin.

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