Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Estee Lauder Deluxe Blush Compact...worthy of a second look!

Oh dear god of makeup, if you exist, please punish me now for taking this awesome baby for granted:

 Estee Lauder's Deluxe Blush compact
(from their Holiday 2010 kit)

I've been ignoring this palette for the longest time.  I am just so used to my MAC blushes for personal use, just because they are in singles and they fit just right in my makeup kit.  Yes, this blush palette is not that big...but I just don't see why I would need to carry all 4 shades of blush so I put this aside and thought of giving this away.  
Good thing I didn't!

 guess what my favorite shade is!?

 Tender Petal - Pink Kiss - Fresh Plum - Rosewood

I didn't realize that one can actually get away with just having this blush palette in their makeup kits.  The color selection is awesome; i love that the first 3 are mostly in shades of pink (which i prefer) and the last one, Rosewood can be used for contouring.  Apply with a light hand if you want it sheer, layer it on to build up color.  Staying power is pretty good too.  And this can be used as eyeshadows too!  This palette is definitely useful and versatile...I really wanna kick myself hard for letting this baby collect dust at the bottom of my makeup bin.

This is a part of their Holiday kit last 2010, and is a limited edition palette.  I'm not sure if you can buy them separately.  If yes, then I would surely get Tender Petal!  

Because of this, I am considering checking out my makeup, most especially those that I haven't been using.  I might just find another one that's worth a second look.

By the way, my Estee Lauder's Wanna Look Younger on your Next Bday contest is still on.  Please join and win your own bottle of Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair!



Issa said...

the colors are indeed pretty! can't wait for your FOTD's using this palette! :)

kumiko mae said...

Nice color! I love Fresh Plum!

roxyfoxy said...

pretty colors sis! actually, i love them all.. good thing, you din't give that away.. FOTD na!:) nice, nice blush.. sis, where did you buy that, if i may ask? thanks!

Ashely Piers said...

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