Thursday, February 16, 2012

Majolica Majorca's Spring 2012 Collection...

 For this year's spring collection, the brand known for their cute packaging and awesome stuff released these limited edition items:

 Majolica Majorca Bloon On (Lip and Cheek tint), Majolica Majorca Lash King and Majolica Majorca Majoromantica 3 Fragrance

Thanks to our friends from Majolica Majorca for this gifts and the awesome food and entertainment during the launch at Edsa Shangrila.

Being a mascara junkie, I am most excited with Lash King:

This baby promises an extra 5mm to your natural lashes.  Its brush is different as it said to  cover all the lashes at once.  Waterproof and available in Black, this sells for Php795.

 I was not really into lip and cheek tints until recently, and Majolica Majorca's Blood On is something I wouldn't mind to include in my makeup kit:

It looks bloody red on the pot, but gives out a natural flush on the cheeks and a lovely just-bitten lips. Packaging is also love, which is always the case in Majo Majo! This lip and cheek tint sells for Php495.

Also available is their 3rd version of their Majoromantica and sells for Php995. I wasn't able to try out the first two, but after trying out this one, it was love-at-first sniff!  The scent is mysteriously sweet (okay, I'm such a loser with descriptions), lasts a long time and is totally my kind of scent so I'm getting this one this payday...which is, hmmm...yesterday!  So yes, Majo Majo, here I come!

Again, these babies are all limited editions so grab them all before they get sold out!

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Jamilla Camel said...

It all looks so gorgeous! I must check this out before I leave Japan!

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