Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Naked 2 by Urban Decay: Swatches

It's been weeks since I parted with my Naked 1 palette.  Yep, I sold it...not because I didn't  like it but because I just don't get to use it often.  Since I came up with my own eyeshadow palettes, I found myself not using my other palettes as much as  I used to.  Better convert it to cash so I can buy other stuff, than let it just gather dust somewhere in my makeup cabinet.  

But when I saw Naked 2, I just knew I have to get it:

compared with Naked 1, packaging is a lot more secure and classy.  it actually reminds me of my pencil cases back in my grade school days!

same  with Naked 1, this has 12 warm-toned neutral colors

Foxy - matte, creamy-bisque shade that is perfect as a lid wash.  
Half Baked - shimmery, coppery gold.  this is also available in the first Naked palette, and this reminds me of MAC Amber Lights which is also one of my favorite shades
Booty Call - frosted, peachy color which is also good as a base
Chopper - shimmery copper, also a good base...just be careful with the fall outs!

Tease - matte, mauve shade.  I find this to have a poor color pay off, so I had to really "scratch" my brush onto the pan to grab the color.  It's not my kind of shade, as this would give my lids a dirty, flat look. But let's see if I can work this on my favor.
SnakeBite - reminds me of Smog, another great and favorite color from Naked 1. This can be used for those sexy smokey eyes!
Suspect - champagne with a bit of bronze, can be used as a great base and Snake Bite as crease color
Pistol - lovely gray color which kinda reminds me of MAC Elektra but this one has some browns in it.  Another great overall lid color with a liner and coats of mascara for sexy set of peepers!

Verve - pearl shade with a tinge of pink, not my fave color as well. 
YDK - similar to Sidecar from Naked 1 but a bit warmer and minus glitter
Busted - deep brown soft frosted finish, another great crease color
Blackout - intense, deep black with matte finish. 

whew, I didn't know describing colors can be this hard!

dual-ended full size brush, which I actually prefer than the eyeliners
(though i still wish this comes with the primer too, instead of the lipgloss)

flat brush for packing colors and fluffy brush for blending

i found it weird that they included a lipgloss instead of a primer, but this is a lovely color that can be paired with the dramatic looks you'll come up using this palette

i love this is non-sticky, and has a minty feel.

I got this from Digital Traincase for Php3600 and so far, this helped me to stop thinking about my first Naked palette.

Overall, I love this palette and there's no way I'm going to put this on sale again.  Never!


Anna Escondo said...

I thought this is the cool-toned version of Naked 1?

Michelle said...

Thanks for the swatches. Hmm, I think I'm a fan of the first one compared to Naked 2! x

anythiiinggoes said...

Compared to the original palette, the shades on this one have more shimmers, no?

Unknown said...

I love my Naked 1 and I want Naked 2 din. I remember searching for this palette in Sephora and laging out of stock.

stunningpink said...

tingin ko din sa packaging ng naked 2 mukhang pencil case hehe, iniingatan ko naked 2 kaya konti pa lang bawas kahit ng early december ko pa nakuha hehehe

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