Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Product Review: Ever Bilena Advance HD Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

One thing is sure, I am not a brand snob.  I love branded (or high-end) makeup, but I won't mind using those that some would call "low-end" or maybe "local" brands.  If the product works, not to mention a lot cheaper than what I've been using, why on earth would I not consider it?

Weeks ago, during the Robinsons Department Store event, I got the chance to check out the latest products from Ever Bilena...their HD makeup line.  Whoa! Yes dearies, Ever Bilena now has an HD makeup line.  Sounds pretty interesting,  so I made sure I grabbed some to test.

For now, I'll review their HD Waterproof Liquid eyeliner:

Add definition and dramatic look to your eyes with Ever Bilena Advance HD Waterproof Liquid eyeliner.  Comes in a water-resistant formula that keeps you looking eye-mazing for hours!  Enriched with Vitamin Eand Jojoba Oil, it helps nourish and moisturize your lids.

wand is kinda stiff, and you have to make sure to have a light hand when applying the liner (or make sure that it's just the tip that is actually touching your skin/lids) else, you'll end up with a thicker line. 


as you can see, it's really black and shiny

after rubbing the swatches, it became less shiny, but still jet-black

now, let's see how it goes with water:

swatches are still okay, so's water-resistant

how about after some rubbing?

uh-oh, so it's not really waterproof then!

I've checked the box again and it did say "waterproof" on the product label.  But on the description (see it just below the first picture above), it says "water-resistant."  These two are different. Makeup is said to be water-resistant if it doesn't come off with water (like what I did when I run water on the swatches) and waterproof if they still won't budge even after running water AND rubbing them.  So I guess Ever Bilena has to make their mind whether this one's waterproof or just water resistant.

But still, I think this is a good stuff.  I don't think I've come across a smudge-proof and water-resistant eyeliner that is not branded (or high-end).  I've tried other local brands and they moved after some good rubbing. But this one, didn't.  

I also love that it comes in a jet-black shade, and that it dries fairly fast.  I also didn't have any sort of allergic it's pretty good.  And with the price of Php180.00 PLUS 2 HD eyepencils (as freebies), I don't think you'd disagree if I say this is a good deal.  

Now on my eyes:

and after more than 8hrs:

it does still look as good when I applied it in the morning (sorry for the bad lighting and the oiliness, eww)

By the way, consistency's a bit runny so I think you have to be already good in lining your eyes if you're going to use this.  I've been lining my eyes for so long and yet I almost ended up with a wonky line (again, it helps if you make sure that it's only the wand tip that is touching your lids).  But of course, practice makes perfect!  

I can still say this one's a good buy. It's ideal for those who are still starting in collecting makeup and are on a budget.  It works, sans the high price tag.

Will I buy this again?
No. I have tons of eyeliners already and besides I prefer gel liner.  But if they will come up with a brown shade, or other colorful shades, I WILL!


Chriselle Sy said...

I'm really really curious about their HD line!! I will SO check this out. Can't wait :D

Jamilla Camel said...

Your eyeliner skills are amazing. I need to take lessons from you! Can you do an eyeliner tutorial for clumsy people like me?

The Beauty Junkee said...

I have the HD mascara. Works pretty fine. It says waterproof too. I'll try splashing some water on my face to see if it's indeed waterproof.

Michelle said...

I like that this eye liner is jet black! You wing your eyes perfectly x

Unknown said...

Thanks a great deal for discussing this matter. I concur together with your conclusions. The points that the data stated are all initial hand on actual experiences even help a lot more.

Unknown said...'s good..!
the product is awesome..!
but how if that product turned dry?
is there any way to restore and became new again?

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