Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Product Review: IN2IT 3 in 1 Cleansing Cream

Remember weeks ago when I panicked because my HG remover, Ponds Cold Cream was out-of-stock at Galleria?  I had no choice but to get an alternative that I would think would work just the same, or maybe even better.  

And this is what I got:

IN2IT 3 in 1 Cleansing Cream
Removes facial and eye makeup, tones and moisturizes

There's another variant of this which is their cleansing water.  But since I was looking for something like my trusted cold cream, I decided to get this instead.  

creamy and (almost) unscented

now let's see if this works as good as my HG makeup remover:

with makeup on: waterproof liner and mascara and a bit of foundation
(yep, that's my skin peeling off!)

all you need is this much, because the product is easy to spread and consistency is just creamy enough to be massaged all over the face

after cleansing:

foundation, face powder, brow powder, eyeshadow all removed


there's still some mascara and eyeliner left, booo!

what i like:
gives a refreshing feeling once applied and massaged onto the face
(almost) unscented
creamy enough to need only a small amount that can be used over the entire face, so i think this tube will last for 2-3 mos if used 3-5x a week (that's how often I go to the gym and that's where I use this)
no allergic reactions: redness, breakouts
pretty cheap, Php250 (or less) for a big tube
nice packaging, i like that it comes in a white the feeling of being clean!
moisturizing, but not oily...unlike when i'm using some cleansing oils that give me that "stretchy" kind of feeling after

what i hate:
it stings!  i have this habit of opening my eyes and massaging my undereyes  to make sure my concealer gets removed too.  and geesh, it's a crying fest whenever i get some on my eyes...sniff! 
it doesn't get to remove all of my eye makeup: mascara and eyeliner

will i buy again?
No, just because it doesn't get to remove my waterproof makeup.  And you know me, if i could wear all waterproof makeup, i would!  so this won't really work for me totally.  But this would work for those who wear minimum makeup.  

Makeup removers like this one is great for travelling too because you don't need water to cleanse your face.  All you need is this and some facial tissue, and you're good!

1 comment:

Chriselle Sy said...

I hate makeup removers that sting, sis! I love Pond's cold cream too. Effective and inexpensive. :)

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