Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Product Review: Majolica Majorca Blood On

Seriously, "Blood On" reminds me of my favorite show The Vampire Diaries.

Blood On is a lip and cheek tint and is a part of the Lash King collection.  

Quite intimidating on the pan, most especially those who aren't used to Reds like me!  I honestly thought I won't be liking this product at all.

when swatched, it doesn't look as Red as i thought..but how about on my lips and my cheeks?

let's see:

it gives a just-bitten look on my lips, which I like

and a healthy flush of color on my cheeks

It doesn't stay long on my lips though, but surprisingly, it lasted for 3-4 hrs on my oily skin. the look is natural and what I love most about it is that it's not sticky at all!

the consistency is like that of a jell-o,  easy to swipe and blend and doesn't leave a stain on your fingers.  packaging is cute but still classy, as with all Majo stuff. easy to carry, and fits just right on my makeup kit.  

Fairly priced at Php495, and will last hmm, probably for 2-3 months if used everyday.  This is a great base for blushes and lipsticks, and also great by itself.  If you intend to use this on clients, make sure to use a brush for hygienic purposes.

This is another limited edition so if you like it, grab one now before it gets sold out.



CherryColors said...

Oh, what a cute product!

kumiko mae said...

agree i find it odd that for a tint, it doesnt last long on the lips. now very sure yet w cheek longevity

Unknown said...

i wonder if i can find this in Malaysia. Looks interesting! another cheek product that I would be looking fwd for. ^^ Thanks for the review!

Jamilla Camel said...

This is a great multi-purpose product!

anythiiinggoes said...

Cute packaging!

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