Tuesday, February 28, 2012

(So) Shocking Pink!

If there's one NYX lipstick that has been tested and swatched so many times during the Cosmetologie Fair last week, I would say it's no other than the NYX matte lipstick in Shocking Pink.

NYX Matte lipstick in Shocking Pink

It's an intense, bright pink with some lilac undertones.  I really got so envious with all the girls who tried this on and instantly became strikingly beautiful. I dunno what or how, but I don't think I've seen anyone who didn't look good when they tried this on.  It's like magic, really!

Yeah, the inggiterang palaka  (envious frog) in me just couldn't stand there and look...I had to get one for myself!  I know I don't really look good with bright lip colors, but what the heck. I want...nah, I NEED to get one.  

So here it is:

It looks almost neon...don't you think?

Super sorry for the (gigantic) eyebags...I've been awake for almost 2 days in this picture.  

So what do you think?  Does it suit me?  I would like to think that it does look good on me, but well, feel free to disagree!


Rhania E. said...

wow.. a dupe for a mac lippie ^_^

Jillsabs said...

Did you use a gloss over it? It looks pretty shiny for a matte lipstick.

Pero keri mo siya ha, keri boom-boom!

Chriselle Sy said...

Sis get some rest! I love this though, it's so pink :)

Issa said...

Bagay na bagay Miss Jheng! :)

Unknown said...

Sis jill, nah no gloss. Might be the lights though. Hihi

socialitedreams said...

i think it suits you :)

Michelle said...

That's such a pretty colour; one I would buy but wouldn't have the guts to wear. :( I think it suits you very well :)

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