Monday, March 26, 2012

Facial Care Centre is now open in Eastwood!

I've heard a lot of good things about Facial Care Center, most especially from my good friend Phoebe, who confessed getting addicted to their services like her Mother Goose.  So when I was invited and given a chance to give them a try at their newly opened branch in Eastwood, I immediately said Yes!

I was greeted with a warm welcome by NJ Torres, PR Manager and Bea Chua, PR Associate for MFBI Group of Companies.   After a few minutes of chit chat, it was then my turn for a consultation with their in-house consultant, Ms. Aivee Crawley.  She checked on my skin and seeing that I am breaking out that time, she suggested the Purifying Indulgence that consists of Facial Treatment with Collagen and Advanced Lasertone.  

I was then escorted to a private treatment room which I prefer whenever I go for facial treatments.  I was also told that this Eastwood branch even has a couples room! 

a personalized bath robe for yours truly:

the room is cozy and clean:

check out the view:

and just because I want to camwhore with my new robe:

 the room has this Call button just beside the bed in case you want to call for assistance. pretty neat, huh!

meet my therapist, Nette.

And there's Nette preparing the Repechage stuff while I continue to camwhore, LOL!

She started cleansing my face to remove my makeup and other facial dirt:

After rinsing and toning, she then applied the scrub:

She then gave me the most relaxing and soothing facial massage I've ever experienced after.  I almost fell asleep with all those gentle strokes on my face.

(yes, I was breaking out terribly then...)

time for some steam:

and some pricking to get those nasty whiteheads and blackheads off my face:


red all over, as expected.  but it's just normal in my case, so no worries!  definitely not my therapist's fault!

time for the Advanced Lasertone!

I was told that this would help soothe and heal those marks caused by pricking.  It also stimulates collagen and elastin production, to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

and lastly, the collagen mask:

I was then left for 30 minutes with the mask on.  It was too relaxing that I fell asleep.

and then,


still red, but face now unclogged from all that deep-seated dirt

And after almost two hours, I got back in the reception area to meet Phoebe and Trixie for some food:

fruit bouquet that's too cute to eat:

Trixie, Phoebe and Me with the beautiful PR people of Facial Care Center

Now I understand why Phoebe and her mom loves Facial Care Center.  It aint cheap, she says but it's definitely worth it.  And looking at her and her mom, I totally agree!

Visit their Eastwood Branch at:
 30F Unit C MDC Building, 
E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue corner Eastwood Avenue
Bagumbayan Quezon City

Dial 892-SKIN (7546) to book a free consultation.


Crystal Gale said...

wow! The place looks so clean! I would love to try the facial you got. DO you know how much it is? Thank you! ^_^

Bea Chua said...

Yaay! :) Thanks for the wonderful review Brigitte! :) Hope to see you beautiful ladies again soon :P

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of giving personalized robe. :)

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