Thursday, March 1, 2012

Heno de Pravia...

I was chatting with some fellow bloggers while waiting for the exclusive screening of The Vow weeks ago when my nose came across a very familiar scent.  Then we saw our friends from Carmex, Organic Rituals Spa and Zoya Manila carrying cute yellow bags with the print "Heno de Pravia."  I knew it!  I can't remember the last time I used it, but my nose would definitely be always familiar with that fresh, newly-bathed scent of their soaps.

And apparently, they also have other stuff than soaps.  They have been around since 1905 and I'm sure our parents and grandparents might have used it some time in their lives.  I'm even 100% sure that I've seen their soap at our home years ago (right, mom!?)  

Heno de Pravia Perfumed Talc Powder
 Made from the finest and purest mineral talc, this has the scent of freshly cut hay.

Heno de Pravia Deodorant
Gives maximum control of perspiration and protection from body odor.

Heno de Pravia Classic Soap
Spain's No. 1 bath soap that is famous for its distinct and long lasting fragrance that stays long after your bath.

This is the soap variant that I've used in the past.  It does have a lasting fragrance, but it's not strong.  Instead, it smells fresh and gives you that newly bathed scent and feel.  I've been using this again recently, and I love using it at night so it won't conflict with my perfume. 

Heno de Pravia Crema

A natural moisturizing soap that has a milder scent than the Classic. It contains Lanolin and Aloe Barbadensis extract for silky, smooth skin

  Heno de Pravia Germicidal

Has the same scent as the Classic, but this one has triclocarban which is a safe and effective germ-fighting agent.

Heno de Pravia Whitening

A gentle whitening soap that has a milder scent than the Classic . It contains whitening and sunscreen agents, as well as special moisturizers for soft, smooth skin and fair complexion.

I know Heno de Pravia has been associated with the "older" generation, because of what they call "amoy lola" (smells like grandma) type of scent and because our grandparents love it.  But really, it doesn't smell like that.  And this brand has been around for decades already, so that explains why our grandmas know and use it.  

I personally love the Classic and the Crema variant.  So fine, call me Lola..I honestly don't mind. 


Jillsabs said...

Heno de Pravia! Oh my, I'm suddenly engulfed with memories :) But they repackaged the soap bar na?

Will pick up a bar soon, I remember just how much I loved the fresh scent.

Idaira said...

Hi from Spain!!! yes! here Heno de Pravia is really well known...I really like the scent! thanks for sharing!

cafémobility said...

i have used this soap when i was grade 3 up to grade 5. tapos nung grade 6 irish spring na. now, i'm into a different soap na.

Unknown said...

Where can i buy roll in deodorant here in the dissapear in the market..

Unknown said...

Where can i buy heno de pravia roll on deodorant in the Phils?

Unknown said...

Where can i buy heno de pravia roll on deodorant here in the Phil? Tnx

Unknown said...

Where can I buy heno de pravia talc.perfume powder here in the Philippines??thank you

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