Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kerastase Force Architecte: Hope for my (almost) dying hair!

Five years ago, I used to have really short hair.  I remember a colleague at work telling me that it looks like Rihanna's hair that time. You know, longs bangs and really short at the back.  It might have looked that it's a wash and wear kind of hair...but No. I frequent the salon during those times, getting trims and treatment almost every 2-3wks.  I use a lot of hair products that time and blow dry everyday.  

When I started growing my hair long again, I started not putting too much concern on my hair. Eppp, bad I know!  I thought it's okay since I don't get to use much hair products anymore except for some anti-frizz serum.  I don't blow dry my hair that often anymore since my hair's naturally straight and during good hair days, good brushing can already do the trick.

So yeah, I've been like that with my hair for a long time...not taking too much concern until I attended a Kerastase event weeks ago.

  We learned that a lot of women have hair problems.  With all the brushing, coloring, chemical treatments and even tying the hair up in a pony, our hair can suffer from Hair Erosion (weakening of the hair and hair fibers).

Kerastase came up with 4 levels of Hair Erosion:

To put it simply, Levels 1 and 2 can be caused by technical aggressions (too much brushing, blow drying and hair ironing).  While Levels 3 and 4 are caused by checmical aggressions (color, rebonding, perm, etc).

Our hairs were checked by no other than Kerastase Media Advocate, Laura Charlton, to determine what level of hair erosion our hair is at. I was scared, for I already know that beyond that straight, balik-ayos hair, my hair's not really healthy (I've been suffering from TOO MUCH hair loss lately!).

Lo and Behold, I am a Level 4!  (bursts into tears)  

Nikki, Phoebe and Tara are all Level 1...and I'm a Level 4!  Susmio!  Okay fine, I'm not gonna brush my hair anymore and yeah, no more blow drying and most of all, ironing!  I seriously thought of cutting my hair short again.  And maybe, I'll go back to being extra OC when it comes to my hair.

Good thing Kerastase came up with Force Architecte line, which has 3 new products: Bain Force Architecte, Masque Force Architecte and the Fibre Architecte.  These 3 new products belong to the Kerastase Resistance family that already has Bain de Force, Ciment Anti-Usure and Ciment Thermique, and aims tackle hair erosion for those in the level 1 and 2.

Yours truly will  be using the 3 new products, since my hair is apparently on the verge of dying.  LOL!  But yeah, there's still hope...thanks to Force Architecte, my hair's on its way to resurrection!

Force Architecte

Bain Force Architecte
(Reconstructing Cleanser)
Replenishes and strengthens the hair fibre over time
SRP: Php1485 / 250ml

Masque Force Architecte
(Reconstructing Masque)
Intensely replenishes brittle, damaged hair over time.
SRP: Php2227 / 200ml

Fibre Architecte
(Renovating Dual Serum, Star Product)
Helps to reconstruct the hair fibre, resurfaces the hair and binds split ends leaving hair soft and smooth with a non-greasy feel.  This must-have repairing finisher should be used on either: 1) Hair that is eroded along its entire hair or 2) Healthy hair that has isolated areas of erosion (split ends, breakage points and mid-length from pony tails)

SRP:  Php1860 / 15x2 ml

I've been using these three everyday for 2 wks now, except for the hair masque that I use 3x a week only.  My hair, most especially the ends don't look and feel dry as much as before and most importantly, my hair fall's not as bad as it used to.  

These products really work, and yes, they come in a high price tag.  But what I love about it is that I only need a small amount of product to work with my entire hair, most especially with the Bain Force (shampoo) and Fibre Architecte (serum).  So I'm guessing that the shampoo will last for maybe 2 months while the serum will last longer.  And since they deliver what they promise, these products are really worth it.

Hopefully, with continued use, my hair's gonna be on Level 1 or maybe even on Level 0 soon!

To avail of the new Force Architecte, visit your nearest Kerastase salon.  For more information, visit the official Kerastase website or call the Kerastase hotline (02) 672-7200.


Issa said...

i wonder what level my hair belongs... i might burst into tears too!

Jennnn said...

Hmm interesting. So would blow drying hair everyday (but not brushing it) be really bad?

Jamilla Camel said...

Kerastase is top quality hair care, and you are absolutely doing the right thing for your hair!! I use level 1-2 products - my faves are the Soleil range, Elixir Ultime, and Oleo Relax serum!

Leonhard said...

Good thing Kerastase came up with Force Architecte line, which has 3 new products: Bain Force Architecte, Masque Force Architecte and the ...

Unknown said...

Why would you get the force architects when force therptiste is for erosion levels 3-4, it's amazing. It's made for thicker hair I believe but, it works so much better if your hair is seriously on the brink. I'll take weighed down, healthy hair over volumous thin dead hair any day. If you have thick Latin hair I feels this works the best! Native American, white and Asian thin hair seems to be weight down, with this line.

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