Monday, March 12, 2012

say Hi to my new makeup toolbelt!

I'm not a fan of tool belts...why? Because most of the time, they are stiff and  heavy.  I also hate that it tends to look dirty after using for a long time because the makeup stains are just so hard to remove.  

But not anymore.  Thanks to Beauty and Minerals for coming up with such a great tool belt, not to mention, GORGEOUS!

Beauty and Minerals' Tool Belt in Pink

It comes with an extra flap for hygienic purposes.  This is to cover your dear brushes when not in use.

lift the cover and tadaaaah!

the front side has 20 slots for brushes (you can fit 2 small sized brushes in one slot) and 5 pockets

so cute!  maybe next time we can have the label in Black, Sophie?!

it also has an extra big pocket at the back:

you can put a lot of stuff inside, your calling cards, bills, or even some other makeup tools!

my dear brushes plus my new tool belt ready for action!

unlike other tool belts, this one is made of premium material that is easy to clean. you can  use wet wipes or a damp tissue to wipe off makeup stains.  i usually don't get to use my tool belt more than twice because i hate cleaning it. oh yes, i can be such a messy girl when i'm in action (in short, maduming babae LOL!)

I also love that it's light and soft, unlike the others I've used before.  I honestly cannot stand wearing them for a long time because they can be heavy and they sort of limit my movements.  

this comes in Pink and Black, i asked Sophie if she can have this in Hot Pink too! 

This sells for Php999 (intro price) so better grab it now before it becomes Php1200 soon!  Still, this one's so worthy of its price tag. With this, I can see myself working with a tool belt from now on!

Get yours now at BeautyandMinerals.



This tool belt is REALLY pretty! I was thinking of buying one for myself but I don't really know if I'll be choosing being a makeup artist as a career. Will just graduate in a few days so still thinking of what to do. Haha! :)

Issa said...

aaawwww, this is sooo cute! :)

Alyssa Marie Zarate said...

hanggang kelan sya sale? :DD

Unknown said...

Looks adorable, and love the pink! curious about the Stila one, though...

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