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WACOAL: Be Body Beautiful At Any Age!

Body Ageing has got to be one of the things that women are scared of. Well, who wouldn’t be scared? Imagine your plump,glowing skin getting all wrinkly, dull and saggy and your sexy silhouette getting rounder and softer as you get older.

We areall aware of the phases that we undergo in our lives– from our puberty years when we start developing body parts, and in full bloom when we reach our early twenties. And as we age, our problem areas (aside from our facial skin) would be our breasts and hips.

Ahh, don’t we all wish to stay young? Of course we cannot stop body ageing, but we can definitely do some things to delay it or keep it from showing. Practicing a healthy lifestyle – proper diet and exercise, staying away from alcohol and smoking are just a few. It’s also important that we know how to dress appropriately for our age. And wearing the right undergarments goes with that.

The importance of wearing the right undergarments cannot be overemphasized. We all know that good underwear can help us sculpt and shape our bodies, hide unwanted bulges and even provide support. Wearing underwear that is right for our body type and body age is a must. So buying shouldn’t be based on the size alone (asking for a 34B bra or medium-sized panties) or on the color, or fabric.

In order to determine the right underwear for us, we need to know and understand how our body ages.

How our breasts age

How our hips age

Taking note of the changes shown in the images above, we now know that there are a lot of things to consider in buying underwear.

In buying a bra, consider the following:

Stage 0(Women in 20s): Buy bras that emphasize the shapes of the breasts, waist and hips. Bras should not be too tight or too loose, but should be in a perfect fit to help preserve the body’s shape.
Stage 1(Women in 30s): Choose bras that provide lift and support, such as those with underwires, pads and side panels with reinforced fabric or resin bone.
Stage 2 & 3 (Women in 40s and 50s): Aside from bras with underwire, pads and panels with reinforced fabric or resin bone, choose bras with wider straps and side panels to provide support not only for your breasts but also for the shoulders and the back.

On the other hand, our bottoms should be chosen to match the changes in our body. Aside from the size, we should also consider the changes in shape and softness. This means it should not only fit us beautifully, but should also provide us with comfort and the support our lower bodies need.

There are lots of underwear brands available in the market. Wacoal offers a variety of underwear suited for every woman’s needs. The brand does not only consider what’s “IN”when it comes to style, but also your age, lifestyle and needs. With Wacoal, there’s really no need to worry about body ageing, because the brand helps in keeping our bodies beautiful at any age.

Be Body Beautiful in your 20s

Be Body Beautiful in your 30s

Be Body Beautiful in your 40s

After knowing that there are a variety of styles to choose from depending on our needs, we still have to learn one more thing: the proper way to wear your underwear. A poor fit in our underwear is one sure way to sabotage a great outfit. Our underwear should always provide a firm,supportive, jiggle-free, smooth foundation for our clothes. This means all the curves should be in the right places without those extra lumps and bumps.

Here are some tips:

  1. Put your arms through the straps
  2. Place your breasts in the cups, slightly leaning forward
  3. Gather the whole breast. I have to say that this has got to be the most important tip I’ve learned in wearing a bra. It really makes the difference in getting that perfect fit.
  4. Stand up straight and adjust the straps
  5. Move your arms up and down and your body sideways, checking if your bra remains in place.

  1. Hold the girdle and roll its upper half.
  2. Step carefully into the girdle and put it up to your waist
  3. Using both hands, hold front and back top, adjusting the fit to the waist
  4. Put the hands into the front hemp and pull it up and down to adjust
  5. Put your hand at the back inside the girdle and lift your hips to adjust
  6. And again, adjust the fit in the waist and hem

I’ve been using Wacoal for years now after learning from my mom that good underwear is a great investment. The initial price tag may seem high, but the quality is there and they last for a long time, which in the end saves me money. I love how comfortable they are and lately,I’m getting used to wearing laces! Now, I understand that it definitely makes one feel sexy! And when you feel good inside, it really helps you face any day with great confidence and positivity.

To know more about the perfect underwear for you, visit Wacoal.Ph

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Cathy Anderson said...

This is a very well made bra and offers great support for larger figure. Have gotten good wear for several years. Wide shoulder straps are comfortable. Woven lace does not show thru knit tops. I Love to buy barely there sleep bra

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