Sunday, March 18, 2012

WATSONS Switch and Save

what's my one-stop shop when it comes to fulfilling my kikay cravings?  

It's where I  get my personal care essentials and some of my staple beauty products. I realized a few years back that I've been spending a lot on things that I use everyday: bathroom and facial tissues, bath essentials and personal hygiene stuff.  Of course, I can choose to buy cheaper ones, but I don't like scrimping on quality too.  Good thing there are Watson Label products that are of good quality, more affordable and even at par with their expensive brand counterparts. And the best thing? Watson labels are imported and are usually in BOGOs, bundled in 3s (like my HG facial tissues, yay!) or discounted.

With their retail shopping strategy, called Switch and Save, you can save by buying products with the Watsons label so you can spend more on things you love.  I used to buy facial tissues from a known brand that costs Php70-80 a box only to buy another box again in less than a week!  So computing that, say 80 for a box multiply by 4, it's Php320 a month for just a box of facial tissues.  I tried other brands but the sheets are just so thin that I had no other choice but to go back to the expensive brand.  But after trying out Watsons tissues,  I am never going to look back.

Four of Manila's well-known personalities are also avid Watsons shoppers.  Like me, they believe that why spend a lot on your basic needs when there's Watsons that can give you real value for your money.

Tessa Prieto-Valdes

Divine Lee

Patty Laurel

Victor Basa

Here are some affordable, quality Watson labels which can give you a bang for your buck:

I love their shower gels, tissues, liquid hand soaps and even their toothbrush!  I've also tried their Hair Treatment lately and it's just WOW.  Now I know there's something I could alternate my high-priced hair treatment with. So yeah, I am definitely saving a few bucks so I can buy more makeup!

Here are a few pics during the Watsons Switch & Save event at Borough in Podium:

Patty Laurel, Victor Basa and Tessa Prieto-Valdes telling their stories how they get to save by buying Watsons Labels.

Too bad Divine Lee wasn't there. I've been dying to see her in person, because she's just so gorgeous!  And can I just say how slim Tessa looks now?  She looks so full of love and life...such a bubbly personality. 

And here's some pictures of my fellow bloggers who were also able to grace the event:

It was a great time catching up with them, definitely a refreshing break from my crazy corporate schedule. 

So there, my dear readers,  go to your nearest Watsons and let's all Switch & Save!


Issa said...

I also love Watson's! Value for money talaga! :)

Maite said...

Watson's is my go to shop too!

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