Monday, April 2, 2012

Lace Accessories from Geraonline....

I love accessories.  I dunno when my addiction started, but I don't think a week passes without me getting at least a pair of new earrings to add in my collection. So when Ayra of Geraonline contacted me to tell me I'll be getting a few pieces of their accessories, I just got so excited. For I know I am in for a beautiful surprise.

And as expected, I didn't get disappointed when they came:

 kept in sturdy cardboards wrapped in cute lace, my heart skipped a beat when I opened them

lace accessories from Geraonline
(Thanks, Ayra!)

 Queensland, Php375

 Shandy, Php175

 Shelly, Php175

 Aren't they pretty?  They are my first lace accessories, and I don't think they would be my last.  These pieces definitely add a stylish and classy oomphh to an outfit. They are unique, and handmade too! 

I got a lot of compliments with my lace necklace when I wore it to work.  They simple love how simple, and yet stylish it looks.  

want to get your own Lace accessories?  visit them at Geraonline and take a look at the wide variety accessories they offer.  

you can use the code GERALACE10 when you place your order.
(code is valid until the 15th of April)


Unknown said...

Super Nice Lace necklace!
Does the code give us 10%off?


Iambrigitte said...

yep :) valid til 15th of April!

Unknown said...

Wow...really nice one. I think people should go through it. Thank you for sharing.

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