Monday, April 2, 2012

"Me" time at Benefits Style Salon...

After working extended hours almost everyday and even during weekends, there's one thing I look forward to...some "ME" time.  So when I got invited to try out the services of Benefits Style Salon, I just couldn't say No.

Benefits Salon is located in Eastwood City Walk (Fashion Square Building). I used to work in Eastwood and the place definitely changed a lot.  The salon is not new, as I was told, but is now under a different management.  

place is spacious and clean

the salon has a wide selection of hair products to choose from. I saw Kerastase and Bed Head!  They also have makeup like MAC and Benefit.  Too bad, I wasn't able to ask how much.  Who knows, they might be selling them at a lower price!

Now time for my pampering session:

It's been months since I last visited a salon for a haircolor, so I decided to have my roots dyed...see the roots?

After checking on my hair for them to determine what color would closely match my hair, I was given some good 'ole shampooing.  This is to make sure that no trace of hair product is left before color is applied to my hair.  

 yes, they have purple and pink walls!

 hair must be dried first before applying color:

to complete the feeling of being pampered, I was also given a manicure and pedicure:

having my hair colored while giving my nails some I wish I can do this more often!


and I'm done!

The staff are so warm and friendly, and answered all my queries regarding my hair. I also love that they are playing music from my favorite artists: Britney Spears and Michael Jackson. Oh yes, definitely the type of music during my younger days!

I came in late (as usual, because of work) but good thing I was still able to run into a few familiar faces:


yes, that's Helga with her fabulous hot pink hair! How I wish I could do the same.

  with Shen

with Gem and Shen

I had a great time at the salon.  The type of music they play definitely made me feel at home.  Their staff did a great job with my hair and my nails.  They aren't snobbish, but aren't too chummy as well.

Prices are reasonable too:

And they even offer a discount for Eastwood employees or residents:

how cool is that!?

Now I see Eastwood as not only a place where you can dine and shop...we can also have ourselves prettified first before heading off to our dates.

Thanks again Benefits Style Salon for having me!


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