Friday, May 18, 2012

CalChews: Calcium You Can Chew

Honestly, I'm not fond of taking supplements or any sort of medication.  I'd rather be sick for days than pop a pill.  Why?  I hate the after taste.  I also find it difficult to swallow anything that looks and tastes like medicine.  So yeah, I don't even take vitamins...not unless my mom would insist (or harass me to do so!) or only when I am starting to feel like getting sick.  I even resorted to IV-Gluta before just because I started to hate the plastic-like after taste.

Good thing there are supplements and vitamins that come in chewable forms.  But not all of them tastes good.  So just imagine how ecstatic I am when I heard about CalChews!

CalChews is a breakthrough calcium supplement from Pascual Consumer Healthcare Corp. (PCHC) of Pascual Laboratories Inc.  CalChews come in soft and chewy candy flavors of Rich Chocolate and Creamy Caramel, and aside from that, it has Vitamins D and K for strengthening the bones and protecting the heart.

Having been diagnosed with Scoliosis, it's a must for me to take Calcium everyday.  But I don't.   I've tried taking Calcium pills in the past, but I hate how huge they are.  I've also tried those that come in powder-form, but aside from it's such a hassle to prepare, I also hate how it tastes.  I even remembered wishing that they would come in chocolate flavors, instead of orange.

With CalChews, all of these "hassles" will just be things of the past.  Aside from it comes in chewable, delicious flavors, you can take it anywhere and anytime. 


Calcium (500mg): Essential for healthy bones, muscle contraction, heart action, nervous system maintenance and normal blood clotting

Vitamin D3 (400IU):  Ensures proper calcium absorption for bone growth and bone remodeling. It's also a fundamental dietary supplement that plays a major role in our nerve, muscle and immune systems

Vitamin K1 (40 mcg):  Regulates calcium by keeping it in the bones and out of the arteries. It helps minimize the building up of calcium over time in the arteries that can lead to heart attack.  It is also known as the "mega antioxidant," it is effective against bone loss. Aside from that, it also helps reduce the risk of hip fracture and regulate calcium in the brain to aid in combating Alzheimer's disease and even in controlling blood sugar.

Now that it comes in 2 delicious flavors of Caramel and Chocolate, there's no more excuse for us to not take care of our bones.  Each box contains 15 individually wrapped chewable calcium goodness which we can take anywhere we go and meet our calcium needs anytime.

Now, my only problem is how I can keep myself from finishing up a box in one seating. Because it really tastes like real chocolate (reminds me of Tootsie Roll!) and caramel,  it can be addicting!  I took one of each on my first two days because I simply love the taste.  I was told that I should limit it to 2x a day,  but the recommended intake is once a day so I would have to find a way to be able to follow that.  I so love sweets, that's why!

I got a word that CalChews is already available in Mercury Drug as of yesterday.  I'll update this post once I get an info on how much it costs.


Unknown said...

how much does it cost?

Anonymous said...

A pack of 15s is around Php180.

Rose Ann Mallen said...

meron na ba nito sa Mercury Drugs?

Unknown said...

meron na po sa mercury drugs. 180 po

Unknown said...

nkakain po daugther ko ng calchew shes 4 years old masama po ba sya sa bata! how old po pwede kumain ng calchew?

Unknown said...

hi miss Aileen, okay lang naman pero limit to once a day lang. :) besides madami pa iba sources of calcium like milk na mas madali mapainom sa bata :)

Barbie said...

Nice article Brigitte! I will definitely recommend this to my mom. She have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis recently. She's been advised to drink milk everyday but she hates what it does to her tummy. However, she loves chocolate, so this is perfect! :)


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