Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Starry Eyeliner Gel: Swatches + Review


Oh yes, I am still alive my dearies!  Sorry for being MIA (again) for more than a week.  Work is a bit lighter now but I think my body's trying to make up for all those nights I haven't been sleeping much.  I fall asleep right after I get home, wake up a few hours after only to shower and sleep again.  I know I have tons of backlogs and hopefully, I'll get back to my usual blogging soon.

Anyways, here's another brand of eyeliner I got more than a month ago.  You know me, I can never get enough of eyeliners!  

STARRY Eyeliner Gel
This innovative eyeliner offers the precision of liquid eyeliner and the ease of a gel based formula. The color is long-wearing and water resistant. Can be used to create subtle to dramatic looks. Every package comes with an brush.  
Available in 12 shades: 
Midnight Sky, Shimmer Stone, Heavenly Pink, Snow,Black Asphalt, Brown, Iguana Green,Violet, Brick, Sunshine, Olive Shimmer,Black Mercedes 

It comes with a brush and it does remind me of Maybelline's Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner which I also have.

I think it's already fairly priced at Php280/3g pot.  A little goes a long way so I bet a pot will last 3 months or more even if used everyday.  What's even greater is I love the brush that comes with it!  Finally, a usable "free" brush.  I usually throw away these brushes that come as "free" but this one's an exception. The bristles are soft, but not too flimsy and I was actually able to give myself a good wing. 

Black Asphalt - Black Mercedes - Brick

Brown - Midnight Sky - Violet

Black Asphalt - Black Mercedes - Brick -  Chocolate - Midnight Sky - Violet

Cool violet with a bit of shimmers. 

Shade is somewhat orangey-red with shimmers.  I am not a fan of this as such shade tends to make my eyes appear swollen.

Black Asphalt
My alternative to MAC fluidline in Blacktrack.  

Midnight Sky
My favorite shade.  Like I've mentioned in my previous posts, I'm into blues right now so this one's a staple in my makeup kit.  It has a bit of shimmers but still come out opaque.

My alternative to MAC Fluidline in Dipdown.  I've searched everywhere for a great dupe, and this one's the closest so far.

EOTD wearing Starry Gel Eyeliner in Midnight Sky

Texture is really smooth and glides on easily. It provides the precision of a pencil eyeliner and the ease of application of a liquid eyeliner..without being messy.
It doesn't flake or fade over time
I love how opaque it is and that I only need a tiny bit of product 
It doesn't smudge on my lids, even without a primer.  But it can easily be smudged if I rub, which of course, I don't do so I guess it's okay.
No allergic reactions
Now available locally thru Digitaltraincase.

Now let's check whether this liner is really smudge- proof and waterproof:

Swatches have been rubbed before putting it under running water. As you can see, it has smudged a bit.  I put it under running water and it stayed on.  So this is safe to be worn when swimming.

This is after putting it under water and rubbing it a bit.  You can see here that it has smudged a lot already.

And this is what happens when you rub it a bit more.  So yeah, this liner is not smudgeproof...but who's gonna rub their eyes with a liner on anyway?  It is indeed waterproof and I've gone swimming while wearing this.  So as long as you don't rub your eyes, this product will stay put.

The only thing that I don't like is the packaging, the cap to be specific.  The logo tends to fade after sometime.

Overall, this is a good product and is a great alternative to my MAC fluidlines. 


MrsMartinez | said...

This reminded me of Kate gel eyeliner. Tumitigas din ba un liner sa pot if matagal na?


Edith Elin G.R. said...

I used to have the black one and I throw it away... it was super creamy and super creasy for me and the weather I live also takes a long time to dry so I was get a horrible smokey eye. Lucky it works for you

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