Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Zen Zest Eau de Toilettes: High-quality fragrances at an affordable price!

I've always loved perfumes.  Prepping up will never be complete without a spritz or two (even more!) of my favorite scent. Retouching includes another round of spritzing, so as expected, I can finish up a bottle in less than 2 months.  And since I alternate scents, I definitely have to set aside a chunk of my budget to keep up with this "addiction."

I did try to look for a way to save some moolah by checking out some of those imitations, but never really liked how it would smell after some time. I even tried making my own, by mixing fragrance oils and transferring them to atomizer sprays but eventually grew tired of it. 

So when I got an invite to a Zen Zest event where we will be presented with their Eu de Toilettes, I just knew it will put an end to my wallet's predicament but not to my love with scents.

The event was held in Chateau 1771 at El Pueblo in Ortigas. It's a stone's throw away from where I live but I still came in late. Yeah, I'm such a bad girl when it comes to being punctual.

Carla Abellana, is the new face of Zen Zest 

Zen Zest is not really new to me.  Their room and linen spray is my favorite but I gotta admit, this will be my first time to check out their Eau de Toilettes.


Chic packaging, high-quality fragrance oils  for an affordable price of Php200 for a 50ml bottle! What's even greater is that it's hypoallergenic. I've tried some perfumes in the past that gave me allergies. This one doesn't! Aside from that, it doesn't leave nasty marks on my clothes.

each table has all of their scents for us to try out and coffee beans to make sure we can clearly distinguish one scent from the other

We seriously had a hard time picking out our favorites!

There was never a dull moment during the presentation, as we altogether tried to associate each of the scents for men with err, our ex-s.  We were laughing and giggling like teenagers. The event was light, fun and I can say it's one of the few events that I really enjoyed.

Here's a few snaps with my fellow bloggers:

Michelle Asence - Fontelera, the founder of Zen Zest

I just got so inspired by Michelle, after admitting that Zen Zest is the result of her being heartbroken.  Can you believe that? Not everybody could be that focused when brokenhearted...definitely not me! LOL. With the success of Zen Zest now,  it's a clear evidence that there definitely is a reason why certain things happen.  In her case, it was to give way for something as great as Zen Zest.

fellow bloggers with Michelle and Nana

Eau de Toilettes for Women

The delicious scent of freshly-squeezed lemons in a bottle!  No matter how strong the sun's rays are, this fragrance will keep you smiling.

A splash of this feminine combination of flowers creates a lasting impression

Melon and pineapple, plus mint, equals an exhilarating scent made to beat the summer heat

Concocted with fresh apples and juicy pears, the lovely scent is a joy to wear

Radiate bliss and good vibes with this merry mix of plums, bergamot and exotic flowers in a musk base

This provocative floral scent is made for the pulse points of sophisticated women raring to paint the town red

A whiff of this green melon essence is enough to bring the temperature down on scorching summer days

Eau de Toilettes for Men

The alternating waves of frosty fragrance and sweet aroma make this the scent of a confident man

Sharp and sexy, this magnetic potion of citrus fruits and greens awakens the senses

This spicy fragrance is the perfect date to any occasion.  Its earthy combination of fruits and herbs can go from day to night

The sweetness of this citrus blend invigorates the mind and body, keeping it tough for whatever challenges lie ahead

This woody aromatic fragrance is the ultimate date scent.  Seductive and mysterious, it is sure to add excitement to a night out.

Comfortable and casual, this burst of fruity, refreshing scent makes an ideal companion when you want to kick back and take things easy.

The striking combination of apple, vanilla and wood is as captivating as the gallant and optimistic personality that wears this fragrance best.

During the event, they also announced the launch of their new fragrances for Men (Silver, Blue and Black) and Women (Coral).  I am using Coral and have been my staple fragrance for weeks now.  It has a light, powdery scent that's perfect for  everyday wear.

So for those who love wearing perfumes, Zen Zest's Eau de Toilettes are a good alternative to your pricey perfume brands. With a concentration of 12% fragrance oil, these babies will keep you smelling great for a good 6 hours.  And with a variety of choices available, I'm sure you'd be able to find your "signature scent."


Arra said...

Did you smell all those perfumes? What scent can you recommend for me? No flowery scent. I like powdery|crisp|clean|minty|subtle citrusy scents. :)

Much love,
Arra ♥

Arra said...
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Rattus Yu said...

Thanks for the descriptions dear! I've been itching to grab a bottle for a long time, but was seriously undecided. I was hoping for something spicy... maybe I would get: Mulberry, Magenta, Teal or Celadon. Take care and advanced happy new year!


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