Friday, June 29, 2012

CYNOS Inside Hair Care Launch + Hair Fashion Show

When I got the invite for the CYNOS Hair Care Launch and Fashion Show, I honestly had second thoughts if I should go or not.  First, the venue is in Manila area (Diamond Hotel), where I seldom go unless I'm picking up my dear sister before we go on our way to the province. I really hate driving in that area, I find the roads too narrow...or at least not as wide as Edsa, LOL! And second, I am not that into hair simply because I don't even know how to fix mine!  But I haven't gone into a hair fashion show before, so I told myself "Why not!?" So I RSVP'd though I am not sure who else from my blogger friends would be going.

As expected, I arrived late though I left the office early.  It was also our dear Jose Rizal's birthday, so I assume there were some festivities around Manila too, hence the traffic.  Fortunately, I came just about in time.

I then met with Charm of Post Ad who is by the way so accommodating (sorry Charm for bombarding you with SMS on my way to the hotel...LOL!).  She then ushered me inside the Diamond Ballroom and though it's my first time to meet her, I immediately felt comfortable talking to her.  I actually wondered if I've met her somewhere already.

Like I've said, I wasn't sure who else is coming to the event.  So I was happy to see Jill and Michelle.  Gelleesh and Chrissy were also there and they were sitting at the other side of the stage.  I wanted to approach them to say hello, but I was too shy. Hehehe. 

The 3 of us didn't have an idea what a hair fashion show is like.  We seated there for more than an hour waiting for the show to start, but we didn't get bored.  When bloggers get together, we get to talk about anything and everything.  I bet that one hour's still not enough, LOL!  It's been a while since I last saw Jill, her hair's a lot longer now.  While Michelle is now sporting a short 'do.  And I am definitely inggit.

The show finally started around 8:30pm, and it started with the beautiful Ms. Rosa Ramos Cinco, the General Manager of Cynos Philippines who gave a short introduction to Cynos.  Actually, it wasn't my first time to hear about Cynos. I got an invite to a Cynos event at Creations Salon months ago but I wasn't able to attend.  I got a press kit though and some products for me to try.

Ms. Rosa Ramos Cinco
General Manager of Cynos Philippines

 I love her dress!

And so the fashion show finally started:

Models sporting different 'dos walked on the stage, looking beautiful and glamorous.  I was just so happy that I decided to come to the event, for I was really enjoying the whole time!

A number of known hairstylists graced the event and did a live demo onstage:

Tinette Ozamis-Puyat

Hanz Olivar

I particularly loved the hairstyles he presented.  The cuts and the styling are all edgy, something you don't get to see everyday and yet, still glam and fab.  I remember meeting him last Cosmetologie Fair at SMX MOA last February, when he bought the Sweet & Smokey palette!  Yiiiii. If I'm not trying to grow my hair long, I would definitely want him to cut my hair.  Oh how I miss my short 'do way back 2006. 

I was not only checking out their hairstyles, but their makeup too!  How I wish I get to do makeup for a fashion show again.  I've been doing mostly weddings, and I definitely miss the excitement and the "rush" during fashion shows!

And of course, Mr. Alex Carbonell, known to be the king of cut and color.  He's also the first Filipino Sebastian Design Artist and the first Filipino ambassador of renowned brand Schwarzkopf.  He's also known to be the hairstylist to the stars. Geesh, he definitely has a lot under his belt!

the crowd went wild during his live demo...imagine cutting the hair while the hair's being blown or while lying down. Crazy! I can definitely say that his live demo was the climax of the fashion show. 

Tinette Ozamis-Puyat, Hanz Olivar and Alex Carbonell on stage with Ms. Rosa Ramos Cinco

The models also went down the stage to let the audience try some of the Cynos products:

Michelle trying out the gel or wax to give her short 'do a bit more Oomph! 

Jill and I tried the Argan Oil, which I immediately fell in love with!

I can say that my trip to Manila despite the bad traffic was so worth it.  My first hair fashion show has left me wanting for more.  I enjoyed it from start to finish and was actually surprised that it ended so soon.  

Thanks again to Post Ad for the invite!
Watch out for my review on some of the Cynos hair products.

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Gellie Abogado said...

Chrissy and I were actually talking about approaching you; but we'd want to wait till after the show, nahiya kami. Hehe. Then umalis ka na. Haha! Hope to see you again next time! :D

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