Monday, June 18, 2012

Let's Party the Benefit Way!

 Whenever I would get an invite from Benefit, I know I'm in for a nice surprise.   Little did I know that "nice" would be such an understatement that night.

 Yes, I was the first to arrive..which is something not usual for me! LOL.   I didn't mind though.  It was fun seeing them setting up and making sure that we'll all have a great time.


 When I saw this vanity table being setup with all the goodies, I felt my heart skip a beat.  

Soon the "party" started:

 Bloggers were asked to write something they "fake" on this board.  So what did I wrote?  My brows, of course!

 While waiting for the others to arrive, we did what we do best....camwhoring!

 with the forever young looking, Nikki

with Aubrey of Benefit Cosmetics

with Alyanna, Aubrey, Liz, Martha

We then proceeded with dinner first:

I love Sweet Bella's desserts!  I mean, who wouldn't!?

 their pasta's to die for too! And their pizza...everything!

Beauty talks (and everything under the sun) with fellow bloggers

We were also asked to video our beauty (and non-beauty) confessions...anything that we try to fake.

 I confessed that I fake good skin with the use of concealers and foundations.  I also confessed that I fake confidence by looking like a snob.  I tend to sit in one corner and not talk because I am scared that I'll commit boo-boos.  Thanks to my villain-looking brows, people usually have second thoughts before approaching me.  Of course, I know this is something I should not get used to.  I certainly need to work on my confidence.

There was also a short tutorial on eyebrow grooming by no other than their chief makeup artist, Mica with Ines as her model.

 She showed us how to shape brows perfectly and groom them using Benefit's eyebrow products: Brow Zings, Instant Brow Pencil and Speed Brows.

We were then introduced to two of Benefit's star products:

 Benefit's They're Real mascara (modeled by Ines) and Benefit's Porefessional (modeled by Nina)

By the way, don't you love their dresses?  Both are from Topshop!

They even prepared a short skit for us:


 We then had a game "Pass the Porefessional." We are to pass the porefessional among us while dancing and when the music stops, whoever has the porefessional should dance solo and leave.  It was such a fun game, reminds me of the game stop-dance when we were still kids.  But this time, we aren't playing for candies..but for makeup stuff!

 Martha won the game and she also won a copy of "Raising Brows," a book that's anything about brows.  She's surely one lucky girl that night!

'twas past 9pm already, but the fun's not over yet.  We then played a game of Truth or Dare, the Benefit way!  


 I got a "Truth" and was asked this question:

 which I answered truthfully, of course!

There were more "DAREs" that night and my fellow bloggers have been so sport about it.  It was really, really fun. 

 We're like little kids opening our presents when we were handed with Benefit goodies

I'm sure these pictures show that we really enjoyed the event.  It was intimate, full of fun and it really felt like I had a party with long-time friends.

Thanks to our gorgeous friends from Benefit Cosmetics: Aubrey, Nina, Mica and Ines for inviting us and making sure we had a great time that night.

Want to have a party like this from Benefit?  Yes, you can!  Call (632) 822-1876 for inquiries and I assure you, this is one party you and your friends will really enjoy! 

Like Benefit on Facebook here

(Some photos taken from Benefit's Facebook page)


AskMeWhats said...

Super fun night no? I had fun talaga ! And I hope to see you again!

Unknown said...

super! as in one of the best events i've been too! miss yah!

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