Monday, June 25, 2012

Omnia Coral by Bulgari

Bulgari Omnia Coral

Bulgari's new offering for Spring, Omnia Coral, is inspired by the shimmering hues of precious red coral.  It provides optimistic and feminine coral shades for Spring.  It is a radiant floral-fruity Eau de Toilette of tropical hibiscus and juicy pomegranate, reminiscent of summer, the sun, resplendent nature and far-off oceans.

My first Bulgari scent is the Omnia Crystalline which was gifted to me by Mom. I love not only the classy packaging but the subtle fragrance that's suitable for those days when you want to smell great without being too overpowering. 

Omnia Coral is another likable and pleasant fragrance. It's fruity, but not too fruity.  This is a great fragrance for summer, (but of course you can wear it anytime of the year) because it smells young and sweet, but not overly so. I wear this at daytime and I love how it makes me feel and smell fresh.  What I also like about it is that it's not heavy.  You know how some perfumes make you feel "heavy" or sweaty-like after spritzing them on?  This does not.

Packaging as always is awesome, makes you feel "rich" and classy whenever you take it out of your purse.  I am sure keeping the bottle even after finishing it. 

Bulgari Omnia Coral is available in 25ml, 40ml and 65ml and it also comes with a body lotion (100ml) and a gentle body scrub (100ml).

and oh, even the press kit is so shala!

Have you tried any of Bulgari's Omnia fragrances?  If so, what did you like best?  I am yet to try Omnia Amethyste, but so far, I like Crystalline and I am loving Omnia Coral...which is by the way, my current signature daytime scent. 


The Beauty Junkee said...

My current favorite. I must say, the Omnia line is probably the best fragrance line for women from Bvlgari. :)

Iambrigitte said...

I think so too, Martha! Mom's asking why I didnt save this for her though..i might be getting her a bottle for her bday soon!

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