Friday, June 1, 2012

Product Review: K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow

By this time, I am pretty sure you already know that I am very particular with my brows.  I'm blessed with sparse brows and I believe that brow pencils/powders are such heaven-sent to people like me! I started grooming my brows after college, so yes, I've been everywhere with my sparse, un-groomed brows.  LOL!

I've started filling in my brows using eyebrow pencils, then I learned how to use brow powders.  Not so long ago, I learned how to use both at the same time: pencil to outline and powder to fill in.  I was doing okay with that except for days when I would check out myself in the mirror only to see that half of my brow is almost gone!  LOL.  My face is such an oil mine, and it doesn't help in making my brow makeup stay put.

That's why I always make sure to bring my brow stuff wherever I go for retouching, just to make sure I won't be walking around with half, if not almost non-existent brows.  I can't go swimming too!  I don't wanna jump into the water with my beautifully, groomed brows only to look as if I morphed after.  

So imagine how I jumped with joy when I heard about the K-Palette Lasting 2way Eyebrow.  It's the answer to my brow problems.  And I am sure it would be the answer to yours too!

K-Palette 24H Real Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow Liner

The revolutionary 24H Real Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow Liner now comes with a powder tip on the other end to compliment its liquid tip!

You can now simultaneously shade and tint long-lasting eyebrows with its smudge-proof and water-resistant polymers, and use the powder tip to draw eyebrows even more naturally.

This waterproof eyebrow liner is made of just the right amount of translucence such that the colour is deep enough to conceal the sparse areas of your eyebrows but not too dark that it gives a severe and unforgiving tone. If you require a darker tone, just go over the same area twice or more. Suitable for everyone, from beginners to professionals! 

 Available in 2 shades:
#01 Chocolate Brown: Recommended for tanned skin types or dark coloured hair
#02 Honey Brown: Recommended for fair skin types or light coloured hair
 Available at Beauty Bar stores.

fine pen tip has the liquid

the smudger type end has the brow powder

swatch: (L) liquid, (R) powder

and this is how i use it on my brows:


after applying the liquid
 used it to outline my brows then brushed with my Charm brow duo brush

after using the powder end
used it to fill-in

Actually, the instruction on the packaging states that the powder should be used for the front of the brows (and probably up to the middle) and then the liquid to draw the tip of the brows.  But I decided to use it in a different way, and it works for me. 

my finished eye makeup with groomed brows

Now let's try to see whether it's indeed long-staying:

swatched on my hand

then I put the swatches at the back of my hand under running water

yes, it's waterproof!
as you can see, the brow powder pretty much stayed than the liquid.

I gave it some good rubbing and yes, the swatches are still there.  Less visible, but they are still there!

Now let's see how it looks after more than 10hrs after application:

(excuse the oilies!)

Yes, it really stayed put the entire day.  And I've been blotting from time to time!

The swatches stayed at the back of my hand even after putting it under water and after some rubbing.  Let's see if it's still the case on my brows:

I ran/swept my finger on my brows (not lightly, if you notice) and the brow makeup did stay put!

some of the brow makeup has been removed, but my brows still look presentable...don't you think so too? 

bit of brow makeup that has been removed

this picture is taken after removing my makeup using Ponds Cold Cream.  as you can see, the eye makeup has been removed but the brow makeup's still there! It has gone lighter but still looks okay.  It finally got removed after I washed my face.  

product stays put all day,  so no half-gone brows for me anymore!
travel friendly
no need to sharpen
2 in 1 product, no need to bring a separate pencil and brow powder
waterproof, I've actually gone swimming with this on and it didn't budge!
the fine tip provides control for definition, making it easier to shape your brows
provides natural looking brows
subtle, natural color
no allergic reactions
easy to use once you get the hang of it
great packaging, it even has English instructions at the back
lasts for a long time, been using mine for 2 months and it hasn't run out yet

can be a bit hard for first-time users, especially the powder tip.  I prefer smudging a bit of product on my brows then using a separate brush to evenly distribute the powder
hard to see if you're already running out of product
can be a bit expensive for Php1050.  But it's a 2 in 1 product and it stays on the whole day! 

I highly recommend this to those who wants natural-looking eyebrows that stay put all day.  It's definitely heaven-sent to us who used are really conscious with our brows and constantly checking ourselves in the mirror if our brows are still there! LOL. I recently bought a backup and will get another one for my clients soon.

Try it and I'm sure you'll love it too!

Thanks to Cheryl (brand distributor here in PH) for giving me a chance to 
try out this product.


Zxcv said...

whereabouts in manila can I find this, bridgitte? Phey

Unknown said...

Hi Phey! Beauty Bar :)

Beauty Tips said...

Lovely eye makeup.


Wow! it looks so soft. I love the finish and lasting power! The price speaks for the quality. :P

Senyth said...

This is definitely on my wishlist! I love its lasting power. :)

Ria said...

I have this but I can't seem to make it work :( maybe I need to find my own way how to use it. practice more...

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