Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Something New: Block & White Naturals Whitening Lotions

I used to be not really conscious when it comes to skin color, but I guess, everything changes.  Yes, I used to be darker when I was in high school.  I love the outdoors and I joined cheering squads and the CAT.  I didn't mind when people would ask why my mom and my sister are so fair and I am, well, dark.  

When I went to Baguio for college, where I've been wearing jackets most of the time, I noticed that my skin got a bit lighter.  People started saying that my "new" skin color suits me...and I thought so too!  So yes, that's when I started getting into whitening stuff.  And Block & White being the first brand to launch all the firsts when it comes to whitening (lotion in 1993, soap in 1995 and deodorant in 1997), it is also the first whitening brand that I used.  I remember having to save a big chunk of my allowance because being a student, this newly discovered "kaartehan" doesn't come cheap. 

I also remember buying the Ultima variant and just using it on certain body parts (knees, elbows) because it's a lot more expensive than their usual variants.  

Fast forward to 2012, I am happy to reconnect with the brand that started it all..my vanity, that is! Last month, I got an invite to the launch of Block & White Naturals Whitening Lotions at Casa Marcos in Burgos Circle, The Fort. Though these have been available in the market for a while already, our friends from Unilever headed by Ms. Gretchen King (Unilever's Brand Manager for skin products), made it a point to properly introduce us to their new whitening range.  

First, they had a short presentation of the brand's history:

 yes, that's where the name Block  & White come from!

Then they introduced us to their new whitening range:

Block & White's Naturals Whitening Range

 Three new lotions are specially formulated with Filipinas' needs in mind - the hot Philippine climate and our constant exposure to the sun.  Block & White Naturals has more natural ingredients, has a better formulation - meaning it contains 3x more whitening actives, and yes, its new packaging is a lot more gorgeous...and youthful, too!

 Block & White Spotless Spotless White UV

This variant has Japanese Rice, known as an excellent natural exfoliating agent in keeping Japanese women's skin smooth and fair, and Camellia Oil which keeps skin moisturized and smooth. These two natural ingredients are combined with UVA and UVB protection to prevent darkening, dullness and appearance of spots.

Php64.00 / 100ml
 Php112.00 / 200ml
Php180.00 / 350ml

 Block & White Pearly White UV Lotion

Made with Chinese Natural Pearl, known to rejuvenate and regenerate the epidermis, and with UVA and UVB protection, this variant helps prevent skin darkening caused by the sun's harmful rays so your skin stays beautifully fair with pearly glow even under the sun.

Php15.00 / 25ml
Php64.00 / 100ml
 Php112.00 / 200ml
Php180.00 / 350ml 

 Block & White Lasting White UV Lotion

Formulated with Papaya and Virgin Coconut Oil, both well-known whitening ingredients that are locally available, this new variant of Block & White provides moisture and delivers even-toned skin.

Php64.00 / 100ml
 Php112.00 / 200ml
Php180.00 / 350ml 

Of course to whiten is not enough, you also need to be protected, most especially nowadays when the sun's heat's so extreme you'd feel like you're burning whenever you are outdoors.  So yes, they still have their whitening lotions with SPF, that they first launched in 2002 which also made them the first to have a lotion that  just don't whiten, but also protect.

Block and White Intensive Whitening SPF 16 & PA++ 

Whitens skin and at the same time helps block the sun's damaging rays.  It has 5-in-1 Whitening essentials:  Vitamin B3 that intensively whitens skin from within,  SPF 16 that provides 16 times more protection against UVB rays that cause sunburn and skin damage,  PA++  that protects against UVA rays that cause long-term skin darkening,  Radiance-Boost that improves skin’s radiance and glow and Skin Reliever that evens out skin tone.

Php20.00 / 25ml
Php75.00 / 100ml
 Php120.00 / 200ml
Php189.00 / 350ml 
They also have this variant with SPF 24 & PA++
Php25.00 / 25ml
Php89.00 / 100ml
 Php148.00 / 200ml
Php245.00 / 350ml 
Unfortunately, they have discontinued Ultima.  I wasn't able to ask why though.  But I'm sure these new variants will work as good, if not even better. 

   Sample bottles have been provided for us to try and we were really surprised that these new lotions are not sticky at all!  They also smell good.  And what's even greater is that, they are affordable!

Among the 3, my favorite is the Pearly White variant because of it's sweet, yet subtle scent.
Ugh, sorry...got the wrong bottle here.

More pics from the event:

the rest of the ladies making chika...

I'm not really into Paellas, but I can say that this is the most delicious Paella I've tried! And their Salpicao's to die for!

 Now I'm back to using Block & White lotions.  I must admit, it feels good to be back to something you've grown up with and trusted. It feels like I'm in college again, and the year is...nevermind!

I'll try to come up with a review soon.  But for now, I can say that among the whitening lotions I've tried, this by far is the lightest.  And yes, the most affordable too!


jamie said...

Oohh...ok yan for my body..may spf!

MariaKristela said...

So this confirms na wala na ung Ultima.That's sad kasi that's the only whitening lotion that worked really well on me. Sayang.. :(

Sarange said...

Hi this was my first time to visit your blog, i must say i really love it and i like your eyebrows i hope i got one too haha.. anyways if you have time pls visit my blog too..

Love sasa

Unknown said...

I Must confess, i really like the way it work on your skin, and i think it can be better for me too.

please where can i buy it in Lagos State, Nigeria and How much is it.


Unknown said...

One thing that I really love about the block and white lotions is that it doesn’t trigger my skin allergies even if I use it thrice a day. Before, I was using the Vaseline lotion. But now, I'm using the Block and White Spotless White Japanese Rice and Camellia Oil that I bought at goods.ph (https://www.goods.ph/block-and-white-spotless-white-japanese-rice-and-camellia-oil-50ml-7981.html), last month. Thanks for sharing this brigitte!

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