Sunday, June 3, 2012

Still in love with F21 Accessories...

I know I've been told a lot of times already that I can score better deals on accessories from other brands.  But I just keep coming back to Forever21...stubborn?  Well, maybe...but can you blame me?  Their accessories are really cute, and surprisingly, they don't easily tarnish despite me being uber acidic.

Oh yes, I got them both in silver and gold.  

and to my surprise, they also have bellybutton rings now!

I've been looking for bellybutton rings for a while now.  But haven't been able to see aside from the simple ones.  I used to get mine from Silverworks and those are the one with stones, and comes in different styles but they no longer have them now.  Do you happen to know where I can get those fancy ones?  Please let me know!



Arra said...

i love F21 accessories too, they don't turn black or whitish. I don;t really like silvers because I'm too lazy to clean them.. and I think F21 uses stainless steel? anyway, your grabs are cute!! i like the old rose ring.

socialitedreams said...

why change what isn't broken?? forever21 has some of my FAVE accessories and everythings like $3 lol...can't beat that!


precious isla said...

nice.. i love forever21! would you like to follow each other? followed you already^^

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