Thursday, July 26, 2012

AVON's Shine Attract Lipsticks..

I prefer colored lip balms or lip stains just because I hate the heavy feeling on the lips.  So when this new line of lipsticks from AVON has been launched a few months back, I just knew I would love to have them.   

So when I got a package from AVON,  my heart skipped a beat and WHOA, they sent me 10 Shine Attract lipsticks to try!  Giddy, giddy!
(Thanks AVON!)

AVON Shine Attract lipstick is the world's first lipstick with a glossy, moisturizing outer gel and a rich vibrant core.  

How cool is that!?  AVON doesn't really disappoint us with their new stuff, that's why the brand continues to be a household name here and even abroad.  I am proud to say that I've been using AVON since highschool:  from their intimates, to skincare, to makeup and to their accessories. 

I know you'd probably had enough of swatches of these lipsticks  from other bloggers,  so please don't hate me if I'll present you with my own this time.  

Caressing Coral - Cherry Pie - Guava

Caressing Coral

Cherry Pie


 Fever - Fuschia Flare - Happy Pink

(Okay, I think I've switched Fever and Fuschia Flare on the swatches...sorry!)


 Fuschia Flare

Happy Pink

Mysterious Mauve - Orchid - Passionate Red

Mysterious Mauve


 Passionate Red

(sorry for my blemished skin and open pores, ewww!  and no, I AM NOT GOING TO WAX MY UPPER LIP, so stop telling me to do so.) 

Okay, I did say I got 10, right?  Apparently, they gave me 2 Fuschia Flare which I certainly don't mind because that's one of the shades I love! Other are Guava, Happy Pink, Passionate Red and would you believe, Fever!?
 I like them so much that I've been using them a lot these days.  They don't last too long though, probably a good 2-3hrs or so, but those darker shades leave a bit of a stain which is fine (at least for me!)  I don't mind reapplying once it begins to fade on my lips because it really does moisturize.  
To know more about AVON's latest updates, you may visit their Facebook page here.

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