Monday, July 30, 2012

Crizal Forte UV Launch in Manila...

 Some weeks ago, I got an invite from Essilor Philippines for the formal launch of Crizal Forte UV Lens.  This new innovation from the world leader in opthalmic optics, is the first clear eyeglass lens that maximize eyes protection against the dangerous UV aggressions from both the front and back surface of the lens, while ensuring the best enduring clarity of vision.  Essilor also introduces "Eye-Sun Protection Factor" or E-SPF for lenses, to increase the consumers awareness about the importance of global UV protection for eyewear.

As soon as I entered the venue (NBC Tent), this mannequin caught my attention. The mannequin is wearing a pair of eyeglasses with different types of lenses on each side (one being the Crizal Forte UV).  This particular setup (plus a guided demo) provided a better understanding on how Crizal UV Forte can protect our eyes from UV rays entering the front and back sides of the lens.

Dr.Kyle Galias
Marketing Manager of Essilor Philippines

Dr. Kyle guided us through the different demonstrations of how Crizal Forte UV Lens differ from the usual type of lenses available in the market.  As shown to us, Crizal Forte UV Lens is:





Gino Quillamore and Karen Bordador are the hosts for the night

Dr. Emelita Roleda
General Manager of Essilor Philippines


Crizal Forte UV Lens had been launched in different countries

 (image from Essilor.UK)

 There were presentations on the importance of making sure that our eyes get protected from the harmful effects of UV rays.  Aside from it accelerates eye ageing, it also causes skin cancer and cataracts, which can eventually lead to blindness.  Most of the lenses available in the market today only offers protection by preventing UV rays from hitting the front side of the lens.  But according to studies, 50% of damaging UV light can come from the back and side of the lens.  Crizal Forte UV offers front, sides, and back protection from these (super) damaging UV rays without sacrificing clarity of vision with their Broad Spectrum Technology.

(image from Essilor.UK)

Essilor, to increase consumer awareness about the different types of UV protection for eyes, developed E-SPF (Eye Sun Protection Factor) rating system, inspired by the systems used to rate skincare and sunscreen products efficiency. So from now on, we need to check SPF on whatever skincare or beauty product we'll be using and E-SPF on lens we will be using for our reading glasses.  

(image from Essilor.UK)

Aside from keeping us well-informed, Essilor also made sure that they keep us entertained.  The event was graced with the presence of:

 Philippine All Stars

and of course, Bamboo!

Thanks again, Essilor Philippines for the invite and congratulations for another great innovation!

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