Monday, July 23, 2012

Entries for the "Wanna win your own Beauty Pro eyeshadow palettes" contest...

Okay, I know this is looong overdue.  My apologies.  I've been preoccupied lately, not to mention I got sick last week.  I know I was supposed to announce the winners for my contest last July 18, my bad.  

Forgive me?  
(bats eyelashes)

Anyways,  I will be announcing the two winners tomorrow midnight.  But for today, let me just present to you the lovely entries of my readers. 

Here are the entries for the Beauty Pro Sweet and Smokey palette:

Angela Pauline Calimag
For the Bridal look, actually this is not for a bride but a bridesmaid, I always do this look when I attend weddings (always the bridesmaid but never the bride...huhu), I love this look because I think it enhances my features and makes me look glowing and fresh but not too over the top as to overstage the bride. :) I just used different shades of brown, and used a white shimmer pencil to line my water line, I also used falsies coz my real lashes are sooooo short. I tried to just enhance my features, nothing too loud but not too drab and boring. :)

Giezelle Uy
I decided to do a smokey eye look and win the sweet and smokey palette because I love doing makeups that are classy and enhances one's beauty.I have been eyeing the S&S palette ever since it came out but since I just graduated,it's out of my budget.I believe that beauty should not cover up one's face but enhances one's already beautiful feature and I feel that I can do that using the sweet and smokey palette. I chose to go with this look because I love the colors gold and orange and since I have dark brown eyes I believe it enhanced it even more.:)

Jamie Zuganov Patron
I chose a dramtic bridal look because I want to show that dark neutrals are not just about smokey eyes. I just smudged the liner to make the eyes more defined without looking too harsh. MAC So Scarlet was used on the lips to balance out the neutrals and make the look more elegant. Neutrals are my staple... I don't think I can ever get enough of them!

Jes Roque
I chose to share to you and your readers my usual office/work makeup. Being an elementary teacher hinders me to wear loud and colorful eye makeup so I stick with the neutrals. Some may find neutrals boring, but I love how elegant-looking it is. I just play with bold lipstick shades in case my day needs some pop of color. :) I want to win the Beauty Pro Cosmetics Sweet & Smokey Palette because I am dreaming about it for the longest time and I know that it will make me more creative in mixing and matching neutral colors that will sure look awesome for everyday teaching job! :)

Jhessica Recto
i chose goldy eye makeup because for me gold is flattering to my skintone.


I created this look to win the Sweet and Smokey palette because lately I have been loving looks that are simple but have that certain impact when you see someone wearing it

Kim Mendoza
I'll wear this look to prom if I have to do it all over again. *oh the memories!* Some may think the look is too much for the occasion, but prom is the perfect time to "unleash" whatever's there within you. With every other girl's in long gowns and pretty accessories, in what criteria will you step up?

... I say in makeup. :)

Mikka Marcaida
I’m a sucker for neutrals. Name all my eyeshadows, they all belong to the browny-peachy side.


I chose this because I really also like the part that make up can enhance our natural beauty without making it too obvious... :) 

And of course, the entries for the Beauty Pro Crazy Colour palette:

Angela Pauline Calimag
For the Avant Garde Clubbing look, at first I wanted to do just a simple Smokey silver eye look but I have heavy "hooded" eyes which make it really difficult to create such a look because everytime I put on any eyeshadow on my lid it instantly disappears once I open my eyes...huhu This is actually my first time to try doing one. But then I wanted to use my difficult eye shape to my advantage... :) At first look this would just be like any other smokey eye look but lo and behold... there is a little surprise of a "rainbow" underneath! ;) hopefully you would like this look that I have created as much as I enjoyed experimenting with it. :)

I usually join giveaways but this will be the first time I'll join a contest.. for makeup's sake. :) Anyway, I would really want to win the Crazy Color palette because the colors are simply lovely. And I know it won't disappoint me in terms of pigmentation. I like my 88 palette but the bright colors that I love using won't register well in photos. So I'm taking my chances on this one.

Jamie Zuganov Patron

I chose this look because I'm only starting to explore these kinds of looks, after a lot of encouragement from one of my friends. The "stars" of this look are UD Flash and Painkiller. Gemstones and glitter lashes makes the entire look appear as enchanting. Surprisingly, I'm starting to love it! I just don't think I can do more, because these are the only bright colors that I've got! Now, my ex-88 palette is a different story.


i chose this because as of now this the best look i created heheh.. i always experiment this kind of looks..


I came up with this look to win the Crazy Colour palette because the pigmentation in that palette is amazing and I would love to play around with all of them

Kat Madula

This is the only vibrant color I got from my palettes. I would like to win the Beauty Pro Crazy Color Palette because I want to play with colors. Being a newbie to the make up world, I just want to explore the loud and vibrant side of this art. Sometimes, it helps you express how you feel just playing and putting on some make up. :)

Kim Mendoza
Though neutral shades are a staple, I am enjoying the bright and colorful ones more. Maybe it's just a phase or my real preference but the more vibrant my eyes are, the more I feel better. Give me the crazy colour and I will force my 88 palettes an early retirement. :)

Michelle Martinez

For my FOTD / EOTD, I want to include a "shock" factor so I combined two colors that are rarely used together - green and purple. It's basically eyeshadow COLOR BLOCKING ; p 
I hope to win the Crazy Color palette because I want to experiment with other bright colors. 

Mikka Marcaida

I’ve always wanted to perfect the beauty, glamour and eklavoo BUT I came to realize that I NEED to broaden my knowledge. This is the perfect palette to explore my creativity! :)


I always love colors and I adore all the crazy avant garde eyelooks because they truly are a work of art. I want to win the said palette because I also want to create the artistic looks I see and also the ones I draw in my sketchbook.. which I can't do at the moment due to insufficient funds and mediums :)

Two of my good friends, Jamie and Phoebe, also submitted their looks.  But don't worry, I won't make them win!
(evil laugh)

They just love me so much that they obliged to submit their looks because I actually begged them to do so.

Phoebe Ann Ramos

I created this look to compliment your Crazy Colour palette. It's super sparkly and fun, almost edible. :)

Jamie Paunan

Just to show that the Crazy Colour palette will add a BANG to any look. :)

Thanks to all those who have submitted their entries, most especially to those who took time to submit two looks.  I really appreciate all the effort.  If only I could make everybody win!  Sniff.  

By the way, we have another entry from Hazel Grace Bellen, but I can't open your page.  It says that I am not authorized or that I need to be invited to view your page.  I'll be waiting for your entry until tomorrow lunch so we can include it.  For those who haven't added me on FB, it's okay. I forgot that my profile isn't public so I've created a separate page for IAMBRIGITTE, so if you have time, please like my page. 

Again, thanks for all those who have submitted their entries.  I promise that I will be announcing the winner tomorrow midnight!

Enjoy the rest of the week!


Nicole P. said...

cool-io looks! :) the competition looks tough... but still, fingers crossed! :)

donnarence said...

Naku talaga! Kung alam kong may ganito grabe!! hehehe alam na!! sasali talaga ko

Celline08 said...

Oh my siomai. Gagaling, kabado much. Hahah:))

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