Friday, July 20, 2012

LOTD: Bumble Bee Take 2!

Yellow is one of my favorite color.  Given a choice, I'll have my car repainted to Yellow!  But I am sure Mr. X won't let me.  Hmm, but if I'll have it done without him knowing...he won't have a choice anyway, right!? (laughs)

Remember my Bumble Bee look months ago? I love that look and decided to re-create it.  But this time, a bit softer and suitable for daytime.  And yes, still using my Beauty Pro eyeshadow palettes!

The Face Shop Auto Brow pencil
MAC Brow set in Girl Boy
Clinique Lid Smoothie
Beauty Pro eyeshadows
Nichido liquid eyeliner
Krayolan eyeliner (waterlines)
Shu Uemura mascara
The Face Shop false lashes
Benefit Eye Bright

Benefit Porefessional
MAC Matchmaster foundation in 2.0
Shu Uemura translucent loose powder
Shu Uemura  dome cheek
MAC blush in Harmony

MAC l/s in Peachstock
Shu Uemura lipgloss

I just love YELLOW!

Trying to look sweet and innocent

I think I really need to get used to smiling without showing my teeth


Hope you like it!  

Weekend's almost here and I wish you all a great weekend.  Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day for me but I'll be going home to the province later in the afternoon.  There's no place like home, REALLY. 



Yellow is a pretty unique shadow shade but looks great on you :)

MrsMartinez | said...

Nice un lipstick mo! Tagal ko na gusto mag buy ng nude lipstick eh


Unknown said...

hey brigitte! i stumbled upon a youtube bronze makeup tutorial and i realized u look like this lady,

i haven't met u in person yet. check out.

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