Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Product Review: Estee Lauder CyberWhite Brilliant Cells Extra Intensive BB Cream SPF 35 PA+++ EXtra

Aside from making your skin look more even, BB creams offer a few other good things like whitening, moisturizing and anti-wrinkling properties...and of course, a good amount of SPF.  They are known to be less harsh, though I was able to use other BB creams in the past that aggravated my already-worse skin condition. 

So at times when I feel like my skin needs some rest from my usual liquid foundations, I go for BB Creams. I am loving my Tonymoly Snail BB cream and my Palgantong, but here's another one that I've had a long ago but haven't been able to use until recently.

Brilliant Cells Extra Intensive BB Creme Multi Action Formula SPF 35/PA+++

All-in-one cream to brighten and help protect instantly.  Combines a high level SPF with advanced brightening effects and natural-looking coverage.  Lightweight cream keeps skin looking fresh

It comes in a white, easy-to-squeeze tube that is sealed upon purchase.  The white packaging with light blue cap and prints give the product a clean feel.  It's like telling you "Use me, I am clean and fresh!"


Unlike other BB creams that comes off grayish, this one from Estee Lauder comes in relatively light beige with pink undertones.  
(Sorry for the poor picture quality, I took these swatch photos at night and I am just SO GOOD in adjusting my camera settings! LOL)

It's creamy but not as heavy as the other BB creams I've tried. 

Look how it brightened the area at the back of my hand.

Let's see how it looks on my face:

after a layer

 It wasn't able to cover much since this only offers sheer coverage and is good for those with already good skin whose only concern are slightly uneven skin tone and some redness.  I apply another layer and it does a great job in covering my redness more.  I find it easier and practical to apply using fingers.  It blends out easy without being streaky.

I use a light dusting of powder foundation (i love how it matches well with my Revlon Photoready powder) if I'm going out.  I use it alone on days when I still want to look "normal" even when I'll just be staying at home (vain much!?)

Estee Lauder BB Cream + Revlon Photoready Compact Foundation

And here it is more than 10hrs after:

No touch-ups, just used oil blotting sheets, but not as much.  Surprisingly, my makeup still looks okay, except on my nose area and cheeks.  Also, I didn't use much blotting sheets like I used to so I can say that this helps in controlling oil.

I love how my skin feels soft and looking radiant with this bb cream and so far, after using it for weeks, I haven't had any allergic reactions.  It does not settle into pores and no matter how much you apply, it won't look cakey.  It has a slight scent but not irritating.

 So is there something I don't like about it?
The price.  It sells for Php2500 for a small 30ml tube.  Pretty steep, huh! 

I'm thankful that our friends from Estee Lauder gave me a tube to try.  I don't think I'd be buying one after I finish it though, as this tube would last me for months even if I use it everyday.  And I still have lots of stuff to finish. But let's see. (laughs)

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