Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Product Review: Fanny Serrano Moisturific Moisture-Rich Lipstick in Swiss Kiss

By now, you are probably getting fed up of me asking if red lippie suits me.  I've been posting pictures of me not only here on my blog but as well as on Instagram and Twitter.  Not on Facebook though, as Mr. X will definitely, without a doubt, be the first one to say that RED DOESN'T SUIT YOU!  (laughs)  Oh well, most of the guys I know doesn't like red on women.  They find it too strong, hmm..too flirty maybe...or probably intimidating.  What do you think?


Anyways,  I've tried a lot of reds in the past but the only one that I actually think that suits (and Jamie as well) me would be MAC's Ruby Woo.  Unfortunately, it's always OOS.  (Sniff)  I tried other reds but didn't quite like the look on me.  I told myself that I will just patiently wait until I get my hands on Ruby Woo.  Until one day, I was at the mall waiting for the rain to stop (uh-huh, what a convenient excuse LOL!) so I decided to roam around Watsons (one of my favorite hangouts in SM, hehehe).  I thought of checking out some stuff from brands I don't normally use thinking I might discover some good finds.  I've been reading a lot of raves about Fanny Serrano lipsticks (I know this is a good brand, I've used their eyelash curler and their powder foundation in the past) so I tried to swatch some.

And would you believe, I was able to find a close match (maybe, I'm not sure but this one suits me..according to some of you LOL) of Ruby Woo from Fanny Serrano's Moisturific line of lipstick. 

Fanny Serrano Moisturific Moisture-Rich Lipstick


Packaging is okay.  I'm not really a fan of the blue-colored tube, but at least this stands out among my other lipstick tubes that are mostly black.

Fanny Serrano Moisturific l/s in Swiss Kiss

The first time I twisted the tube and saw the shade, I immediately swatched it at the back of my hand..and yeah, I fell in love!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to swatch it side by side with MAC Russian Red which I know I also have because I can't find it!  Waaaah.  Some says Swiss Kiss looks like Russian Red but the latter is matte.  Weird, but I don't think Russian Red suits me but this one does.  Probably I need a bit of shimmer? I think I need to try Russian Red again (when I get to find it, hopefully!) but for now, I am  quite happy with this lippie from Fanny Serrano.  

Yes, I am satisfied!  And yes,I am definitely going back and get other shades.

doesn't leave my lips dry unlike most  brands do
just enough moisture, won't make my lips look like I've just eaten lechon (laughs)
it's creamy, easy to apply as it glides on smoothly 
color stays the same.  I've tried other lipsticks that seem to change color after having on for a while. maybe I'm acidic? I think so, but this one doesn't change.  
doesn't bleed
it leaves a bit of tint after wiping it off
cheaper price tag.  for Php299 a tube, I can get 3 of this for a price of 1 MAC lipstick

not transfer-proof.  but like I've said, it leaves a bit of tint so I don't end up with pale-looking lips

I love this and I am proud that this brand is owned by Fanny Serrano, a Filipino fashion and beauty enthusiast.  Good to know that our there are still local products that can be a good alternative to those imported, high-end brands.

But yeah, I am still getting that MAC Ruby Woo...but for now, this baby will do!


kumiko mae said...

what transfer proof lipstick can you reco? -LovingSunshine

Crystal Gale said...

Love this on you! ^_^

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