Monday, July 9, 2012

Product Review: Palgantong Vita White BB SuperCover

I've tried a lot of BB creams in the past but most of them only provides little or zero coverage.  So I used to think that BB creams are for only for good-skin days.  If you need a bit more coverage, you can pile layers and the best way to do it is by dabbing the product onto the skin using fingers.  I found this to be effective and efficient, rather than stippling the product or using a sponge.

I was okay with the idea of using BB creams as tinted moisturizer until I got hold of a BB cream that provides coverage like my other liquid foundations:

Palgantong Vita White BB Super Cover SPF30 PA++

comes in a cute, red 30g tube

I'm not sure how many shades are available, but I have #10 Light Beige and  #20 Natural Beige

Light Beige, Natural Beige

The shades can be a bit confusing.  If you check on the stickers at the back of the tube (pic above), you'll see that Natural Beige is more yellow.  But looking at the swatches, Light Beige is yellow while Natural Beige is pinkish.

#10 Light Beige

#20 Natural Beige

bare face + pimples + red disclorations

after a layer

notice that it already covered most of my reddish marks
(sorry for the patchy look, was in a hurry to take a picture I wasn't able to blend well ^_^)

added another layer for more coverage

Creamy consistency, easy to blend
Provides medium to heavy coverage, best applied with fingers
No heavy feeling on skin
Matte finish
No need to use a separate concealer 
Did not break me out, no allergic reactions too
It has SPF!
Aside from SPF, it also has Vitamin B3, C, E and Pearl Extract to reduce the appearance of spots
Keeps my oilies at bay for 3-4hrs, but I didn't need to retouch the whole day.  I just used oil blotting sheets..

I used Palgantong Theatrical Powder to set everything before stepping out

Can look patchy or streaky on skin when you have dry skin, so make sure you moisturize well first. I used it when my skin's peeling a bit because of Obagi and it didn't look nice.  But the coverage is amazing!
A bit expensive at Php1200/30ml tube but you only need a little to even out skin discolorations (layer if you need more coverage) so I bet this tube will last long
Neither of the two shades is my exact shade, but Light Beige blends on my skin after a while

I find that the best way to apply this is using your fingers.  Dot the product on your face and then blend outwards. This will even out your complexion a bit.  Then dab a little more product on areas where you need more coverage.  Start with just a little amount, dabbing it on the spot you need to conceal and adding (dabbing) a bit more for more coverage.  I confess that I tend to apply a lot on my first few tries so I ended up looking all-patchy.  But don't worry, you can remedy that by wetting a sponge and dabbing it on those areas.

I still can't vouch for its healing/skin brightening properties as I don't get to use this everyday, but I really like the coverage.


Another thing:  This is not available locally but there are online sellers that sell this baby and other Palgantong stuff.  Check out BeautyandMinerals and get yours fast as she only has limited stocks.  Don't forget to get the Theatrical Powder too!  Set this BB cream with that loose powder and promise, you'll have perfect-looking skin the whole day.


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Hi, just want to ask if this is available in the philippines? where i can buy it...



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