Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Product Review: Revlon Colorstay Creme Gel Eyeliner

This isn't my first time to review an eyeliner from one of the best drugstore brands that I've tried to date.  I remember learning and mastering the art of drawing a winged liner using Revlon's liquid eyeliner, but I find it weird that I haven't gotten to reviewing that in the past.  But I did review their pencil liner, and you can see it here.

Last month, our friends from Revlon sent me new products from their Colorstay line to try.  Colorstay got to be one of their lines that I've tried, I like and I am still using.  Let's see if this baby will make it to my list of must-haves from Revlon.

Revlon Colorstay Creme Gel Eye Liner

Bold, smudge-proof color that lasts up to 24 hours 

Available shades: Black, Brown, Plum and Charcoal

This comes in a travel-friendly packaging.  It's in a glass pot, but I've dropped this baby a lot of times already (whoops!) but still no signs of breakage or chipping.

It doesn't take too much space in my makeup kit, which is always a plus!

2.3g of product

It's hard to tell in the picture, but this pot has a smaller opening as compared to other gel eyeliners I've tried like MAC, Tonymoly and Starr.

It comes with its own brush but unlike other brands which also include a brush in the box, this one has the brush on its cap. So yeah, no way I'm gonna lose this brush!  Well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that!


Pull the upper portion of the cap and you'll get to see the brush, turn it the other way and put it back to the base

Unscrew the cap from the glass pot and tadah, you got yourself a brush without worrying that you might lose it. 

I love that I can actually use the brush.  It's thin and firm enough to create a sharp, precise line.  I use this brush whenever I use this gel eyeliner and it's been weeks and still no shedding.  And yes, no poking!

I got this in Brown and Plum shade

There are a bit of silver shimmers on it that I certainly don't mind at all. But if you like mattes, then this is not for you

The swatches above are applied with the brush twice.  My issue is that they aren't as opaque but they are buildable.   If you're already a pro and wants a dramatic dark line, then this liner won't probably meet your standards unless you are willing to take a bit of more time to layer the product until you achieve the opacity you want.

Texture is creamy but not as creamy as MAC's fluidlines and is a bit dry  but not as dry as Maybelline's.  Don't worry as they are still easy to apply, the texture is just enough for you to finish working on your lines.

Now let's test its staying power:

1.  Swatches are smudged after letting it set for 2-3 minutes.  And as you can see, there's a bit of smudging but only on the areas where there's an excess.

2.  Swatches are put under running water.  Still no smudging.  So yes, this is indeed waterproof! Woohooo!

3. Swatches are again smudged while still wet.   Are you seeing some signs of smudging?  I don't!

4. Swatches are dried and given a good (and harsh) dose of smudging.  They smudged but hey, who's going to smudge your eyes like that? So yes, this baby can assure you that you're beautifully lined peepers won't be going anywhere.

It can be a pain to remove, but nothing that my trusted makeup remover won't be able to take off!



It did stay on for more than 10hrs on my lids, even without a primer.  I haven't tried keeping my makeup on for 24hrs though, so I won't be able to attest if this can stay put for 24hrs.

And to recap, 

sleek, sturdy packaging that won't take too much space in your makeup kit
comes with its own brush that you can actually use.  i do hope it comes in an angled liner brush though!
i've used this a lot of times already and didn't have any allergic reactions
just right amount of creaminess making it easy to apply
doesn't dry up easily so I can go back to correct any unevenness 
smudgeproof, well almost!  
stays put for more than 10hrs even without a primer
great for beginners
looks natural (esp. the brown) since color doesn't come off too opaque

not as opaque as I would like it to be
a little does not go a long way as I need to take a few trips back and forth to the pot to complete lining an eye
you get  a small amount of product, 2.3g for well, I am not sure how much this costs but probably in the Php350-500 range?  So this doesn't come cheap.  (I'll update this post once I am sure how much this costs.)
opening of the pot is too small that I find it hard to see whether I already have some product on my brush

Overall, I like this product most especially on days when I would want a more natural-looking liner.  But I am more into intense, dramatic lines so I am not going to buy when I run out of it.  I recommend this for those who are newbies to gel eyeliners though as it's a lot more fool-proof than other gel liners I've tried.


Elsa said...

I really love how you put on eye liner... so perfect! I wish I could do just the same :)


I love the staying power of it but I prefer more opaque ones as well. Thanks for the review! :)

Gellie Abogado said...

this looks awesome however, sana hindi siya ganun kamahal. ahaha! xP

Issa said...

i love the plum! it will give your eyes the added oomph! but i prefer more opeque ones... :)

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