Monday, July 9, 2012

Something New: Charm Brushes

Recently, my dear friend Sophie, owner of Charm Essentials, celebrated her birthday.  Instead of just sitting on one corner and wait for good things to just come to her, our gorgeous beautynomist did the opposite.  As her gift to all of us, she came up with 3 additional brushes that are 100% staple-worthy to be included in our makeup kits.

Charm Travel Pointed Foundation brush, Charm Angled Kabuki Buffer brush and Charm Retractable Flat Top brush

NEW! Charm Travel Pointed Foundation Brush, Php399
This ultra-versatile foundation brush applies and blends cream/liquid products to a flawless finish, and features a gently tapered tip that allows precision on targeted areas. Perfect for concealing and foundation application. 
Our On-the Go Pointed Foundation Brush will blend in perfectly with your existing travel makeup kit, that you may never have to scrimp on flawless coverage wherever you go!
I find this a tad smaller to be used as a foundation brush but is really useful to make sure you apply foundation evenly on sides of the nose and other creases.  What I love using it for is for blending concealer on my undereye area!

NEW! Charm Angled Kabuki Buffer Brush, Php650
The Charm Angled Kabuki Buffer Brush is made of ultra lush bristles that feels like velvet on the skin. Buff in your mineral foundation, powder foundation, or any powder product with this brush.

This is so good in blending powder, liquid and even cream foundations flawlessly! It's angled so it follows the contours of the face and you are assured that product is applied evenly even on hard to reach areas of the face.
The Angled Kabuki takes a while to dry but this is expected with this kind of fluffy brush.  I wish this comes in long-handled version, as I would love to include this in my professional makeup brush set. 

Charm Retractable Flat Top Brush, Php600

The Charm Essentials Retractable Flat Top Brush is made of lush, vegan bristles that lets you buff in your mineral foundation or powder efficiently, resulting in a flawless finish, and giving you the desired coverage you need for the day. Never go out without this secret weapon!
 Thanks Sophie for coming up with the retractable version of your Flat Top brush!  You know how much I love your Flat Top brush for my application of cream and liquid foundations. This one i use for easy and on-the-go reapplication of finishing powders and even powder foundations.  Now I can bring this anywhere, and the hot pink packaging is such an eye candy.  It's cute and classy.

These brushes are all vegan so they are cruelty-free brushes, YAY!  They  are soft, no bleeding even on the first wash and no shedding.  They are also dense enough for that flawless and easy application of your powder, cream and even liquid foundations. The pink handle is a definite eye-catcher.  With reasonable prices, these babies are such good investments and add-ons to your makeup brush collection.

Get yours now from BeautyandMinerals.

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