Tuesday, August 7, 2012

K-Palette Workshop with Noriko Imura...

One rainy Saturday afternoon in July, I, and some of my fellow bloggers braved the rain as we didn't want to miss K-Palette's Makeup Workshop and Meet and Greet with Noriko Imura at GB5.  Besides, flying in a brand's lead Makeup Artist for Product Development doesn't happen everyday.  

I came in late (as usual, my bad!) since I came from another meeting but I was just really on time because Ms. Imura has just started with the eyebrow tutorial:

Noriko teaching her audience where our eyebrows should begin and end

She demonstrated how to use the K-Palette Lasting 2-way eyebrow on Aimee.  She first used the one with the powder tip to fill in the gaps and then the liquid tip to outline.  In my case, I do the reverse.  See my post about it here

K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow

natural-looking brows

Then she started showing us how to line our eyes and come up with a natural look:

Noriko said for a natural look, line the eyes as close as possible to the lash lines


Too bad, I already forgot how to line my eyes in a natural-looking way. LOL!  I've been so used to winging my eyeliner for a long time now that I feel like my eyes look weird without a wing.  But I won't lose hope...I'l practice from now on! (laughs).  

So far, the K-palette long lasting eyeliner is my favorite eyeliner.  I've been using it almost everyday and have used it on my clients as well.  I've already used up two, that's how much I love it!  Click here to see my review.

Noriko also showed us how to do a winged liner.  According to her, this is for a more glamorous look.  And of course, I agree!

K-palette Lasting Eyeliner used on the upper and lower lash lines

To add an extra Oomph, and for a doll-like look, she also put falsies:

She also gave us tips on drawing your eyebrows:

She said that to look younger, you have to stay away from drawing your eyebrows too thin.  the fuller your eyebrows, the younger you look.  

She also gave us some massaging techniques to get rid of dark undereye circles because of poor blood circulation:

She also worked on Michelle whose eyes are really challenging because they are hooded.  She had to draw a thicker line so the liner will be visible when she opens her eyes.

It was really a fun and informative afternoon with Ms. Noriko Imura.  The people behind K-Palette were also there.  From Cheryl  (President of Beautybox and the sole distributor of K-Palette in the Phils), the Regional Head of K-Palette in Singapore up to Mr. Kinoshita, the heir of the creator and owner of K-Palette were all there to grace the event.  Shen and I were able to talk to Mr. Kinoshita and he is very warm, and answered all of our questions.  He looks very down to earth and speaks good English too!

with Noriko Imura
K-Palette's Lead Makeup Artist for Product Development

Good news to those who love Pink (like me)!  K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner has a limited edition in pink packaging. I got this as a gift during the event and I haven't used it yet.  I don't think I can bring myself to using it...it's just so Kawaii (cute)!

K-Palette also now has the Kuma Concealer.  By the way, Kuma means "Bear" and "eyebags" in Japanese. They have 3 variants and these babies are not your ordinary concealers as each variant is formulated to a specific undereye problem:

Type 1: For dark undereye circles and dryness

Type 2: For dark circles and for treating dull skin and pigmentation

Type 3: For very dark undereye circles and to improve blood circulation

According to my fellow bloggers, these concealers were discussed before the eyebrow and eyelining tutorial.  So I was really late after all!

I'll have a separate post for the concealers soon.  If you haven't tried K-Palette yet, you are definitely missing a lot!  It's the rainy season and their lasting eyebrow is a must-have if you don't want to be caught up with just half of your eyebrows. (laughs).  And of course, their eyeliners are your best bet if you don't want to end up with panda eyes.  

So go ahead and give them a try.  It's really a good investment!
K-Palette is available at Beauty Bar and to know more about their products, like them on Facebook.

Thanks again Cheryl for inviting me!

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Alam mo ba na hindi ko alam na ang tawag pala sa mata eh hooded hahaha At di ko alam na challenging pala ito sa ibang makeup artists ; p


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