Thursday, August 2, 2012

Matchy matchy....

Have you ever ended up matching your makeup with your outfit?  
Me?  Most of the time.

I was already wearing that blue blouse when I realized my eye makeup's kinda blah...I decided to give it a pop of color so I tried looking for my colored eyeliners.  I thought of using purple, but I can't find my bright purple liner...Gold would be great too, but it will just be washed out since my eye makeup's already shimmery and kinda goldy.  So, I ended up with Blue.    And yes, I'm already running late (as always) so why bother changing my top.  

And that's my story.


It's almost weekend, my dearies!  Weather's being too nasty these past few days so always take care and try to keep yourself dry.  Don't forget your Vitamin C too!


Denise said...

the liner you picked is beautiful!!!!! It suits your eyes so much! :) and your blouse is beautiful, too!(such a great color!)

Unknown said...

hi. Youre so beautiful. im also a make-upholic like you... would you mind if i ask you where i can buy nyx?

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