Thursday, August 16, 2012

Messing up with my nails...

After seeing a lot of nail art pictures in Instagram and even those of Nikki's, I suddenly got interested in doing nail arts myself. I started with Ombre, and now I wanted to do more. 

 Here's two of my attempts in doing nail art (aka messing up my nails):

 I really need dotting tools...and yes, I freaking need to learn how to clean up!

Can you suggest what brush I could use to clean up the sides?

 this one took me 3hrs to do...LOL!  I had tape all over and even spilled nail polish on myself.  It was fun though...

I  definitely want to learn more...I got myself some tools online, hopefully I'd be able to get them soon!


Roma Corazon said...

Hi Ms Jheng! Ms Liz blogged about cleaning up messy nail polishes, here is the link,


Painted said...

Hi great job so far..keep going and you will be a pro in no time it's ALL about practice! heres a link to a tutorial post I did with a (cheap and easy) tip for nail clean up. best of luck!

Painted said... oops forgot to include the link didn't I? doh

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