Friday, August 10, 2012

My Vegas-inspired makeup looks...

Last year, my sister celebrated her 18th birthday with a Las Vegas themed party.  Mom and I panicked as we both had no idea what to wear. Of course, being a MUA myself, I also want our makeup to go with the theme.  

And here's what we came up with:

Hahaha, I know that wasn't as "bongga" as expected!  We were all too busy with the preps that we just decided to wear something shimmery. And even the debutante herself just wanted a smokey eye makeup and nude lips.  I also somehow got lost and can't seem to come up with a look.

Last week, I was browsing thru my old blog posts when I came across my "Playing with my makeup" entries. And  then I saw these looks:

And then I thought, these two can pass as Vegas-inspired makeup looks!  I wish I had seen these again before the party.  

Well, we can always have another Las Vegas themed party, right Mom!?

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