Monday, August 27, 2012

Previous makeup looks...

Just a quick post on two of the makeup looks I came up with last week:

Now that I've been wearing a lot of colorful looks lately, I suddenly miss my neutrals. 
Let's see what looks I'll come up with this week.

It's Monday and it's a holiday, but not for us.  So for those who are on a holiday today, don't mind us who are still working today while you are enjoying yourselves.  

No, I am not being bitter. 

Just kidding!
Take care everyone!


Celline08 said...

<3 your new layout! :)

Anonymous said...

what makeup did you use for these looks?

Sharina said...

Love how you do your brows :)

The Misty Mom

Lizzie said...

I almost forgot how much I love your kickass blending skills! :)

Unknown said...

thanks celline08 ! and Shari :)

hi couchwasabi, i forgot what i used for the face but for the eyes I used my Beauty Pro eyeshadow palettes :)

hihih thanks Pretty/Ugly :) missed you!

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