Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Product Review: Benefit Posietint

Good morninggg!  Can you believe it's August already!  One month to go and it's -BER months once again...and then it's Christmas...then before we know it, it's 2013! OMG.  


Okay, let's not go to that yet.  It's midweek and I hope you're all having a great week. As for me, it's crunch time again at work...but at least, no working overtime...yet! 

For now, I want to share with you a review of my most favorite blush (as of the moment). I got this some months ago but only got to use it recently.  And since then, I find myself reaching out for it more often.

Benefit Posietint

Poppy-pint tinted lip and cheek stain

I got the Benetint months ago when I was in Dubai.  I did like it but it's too liquid-y that I find it hard to blend sometimes.  I gave it to my sister because she prefers cheek tints and I think I'm better off with powder blushes as i find it easier to apply and control the amount.  

Until of course, I got Benefit Posietint. 

Like Benetint,  this also comes with an applicator that looks like the brush you'd see in nail polishes.  Those who are not familiar with the product may think it's a nail polish. (laughs)

Posietint is still liquid, but with a creamier consistency which makes it easier to apply and blend. 

swatches at the back of my hand:

The first time I checked this out, and saw the shade on the brush, i thought it kinda looks fake. But after blending, i immediately realized it's the kind of Barbie-pink that like! It goes on sheer, but it can be built up to deepen the color. I advise you to wait a few minutes after the initial application as I found out that the shade kinda deepens after a while.
On my cheek:

To apply:   Brush 3 stripes on the apples of the cheek and blend. Make sure to blend fast else, it will leave streak marks. 

Since I apply it after my liquid foundation, I tend to apply a bit more since I'll be adding a layer of powder after to set everything. 

I like the almost-luminous, flushed look that stays ALL day.  No retouching!

That's Posietint after more than 12hrs!

and here it is on my lips:

(Posietint has just been applied on my lips)

easy to blend, this by far is the easiest among all cheek stains I've tried
goes on sheer for a natural look, but can be built into a deeper shade
a great base for your blushes
a little goes a long way,  make sure to check it first after the initial application to avoid looking like a clown
gives a luminous, healthy-looking flush
stays on the WHOLE day
feels light on the skin 
doesn't break me out
gives that just-bitten look on lips

Though the applicator works for me (at times), I prefer having this in a bottle with a pump for hygienic purposes. Of course you can put a few drops on your fingers/mixing pan first before applying it on your cheeks/lips
drying on the lips
a bit expensive for Php1800.  But this is a really good investment!
Will not work well on those with darker skintones,I think Benetint would be much suitable.

Overall, I am really loving Posietint. And yes, I am going to repurchase!  Actually, I am thinking of getting the ChaCha tint first, as I got to read a lot of raves about it too.  And then probably I could try Benetint again? 

(Posietint on cheeks (12hrs+ after) and lips (just applied)


kumiko mae said...

wow im surprised to realize that your brows are really slim/thin sans makeup :D

AskMeWhats said...

super like ko tong shade! :) Super natural looking and it lasts!

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