Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Something New: Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir Eau Exquise

Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir Eau Exquise

Full of sparkles, Mon Jasmin Noir L'Eau Exquise is a new fresh floral interpretation of the Eau de Parfum. This Eau de Toilette reveals a Jasmine Eau that captures the vitality of the Mediterranean garden, where verdant nature meets fresh, cascading fountains.
 When I got this, and read Jasmin on the box, I immediately thought this would be one heavy, dramatic fragrance that would be best to use in the evening.  I was wrong, it's a combination of floral and fruity scents which I find unique.  After some time, it turns powdery in scent, which I also love. Weird? Nah, it's just totally unique!  
(Sorry, I'm not really good in describing scents...tee-hee!)

  It's fresh and light, that both young and mature audience would like.  If you think perfumes with Jasmin are "amoy-lola" (grandma scents), better try this newest scent from Bvlgari. 

Packaging is just gorgeous! Definitely a keeper, and worthy of your collection.

Mon Jasmin Nour Eau Exquise Scintillating Body Lotion is also available. This classy and elegant newest addition to Bvlgari's Mon Jasmine Noir line is available in Rustans.

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