Friday, August 3, 2012

Trying out something new: Shawill Cosmetics

I was walking around the Health and Beauty section of SM Department store when I finally decided to check on Shawill Cosmetics. I've been seeing it for a long time and I actually remember taking a look on some of their stuff once, but didn't really tried anything.  I'm not really up for shopping for more makeup but after cleaning my makeup cabinet, I realized I don't have much blushes.  Well, I have a number...but most of them are pink.  I don't get to do makeup on clients that often so when I buy makeup, it's usually for personal use...and I am partial to pink blushes. (laughs)

So when I was at the Shawill counter, I made sure I only check on their blushes and nothing else. I've read some good reviews on their blushes, and have thought of getting a few, but I want to test it first so I only took one.  Besides, I must admit I had a hard time choosing because aside from I've seen mostly pinks (again), they are also too pigmented and when it comes to blushes, I am not that adventurous as compared to eye shadows.

So here's what I got:

packaging is okay, though I am planning to put them in a Z-palette should I decide to get more

 Shawill Blush in 04

I think I only have one blush that's not pink, and that's the one I got from Shu Uemura.  I find it hard to look for a peachy shade that would suit me, because peaches usually make me look "madumi." Weird, but it's true.  So I try to look for shades that would brighten up my face.

Aside from being it looks too pigmented on the pan, it's also powdery. 

But it does look nice when blended in. Don't you think?

It also comes with a brush and the compact has a mirror.  Which is a plus, but like what I've mentioned, I am planning to depot this and put it in a Z-palette.  Good thing I have a small Z-palette (thanks Digitaltraincase!) so I can still bring this when I travel should I decide to use it for myself.

I haven't really tried using this in a complete look, but I will soon.  I'm still on the lookout for other brands for blushes, please let me know if you've tried this or other brands that's good.


Gellie Abogado said...

Would want to see you using this in an FOTD. Can't wait!

Chriselle Sy said...

I personally love Shawill blushes! :)

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