Friday, September 21, 2012

Anne Curtis is San Mig Coffee Super Packs' new endorser!

Anne Curtis

Anne has got to be one of the most visible and most successful stars in showbiz today.  Aside from being one of the hosts for Showtime, she also has countless endorsements and movies under her belt. And yes, she's also a recording star!  On that note, she emphasizes that she's not a singer..but an entertainer!

I got an invite thru Shen to attend the launching of San Mig Coffee Super Packs and its new endorser.  I asked her if she happens to know who and she just told me it'll be a surprise...a surprise that I will really like.

The event was held at Sulo Hotel in QC and good heavens must have been on my side, for I wasn't caught in traffic.  I was early, actually.  Too early that I decided to wait at the nearest Mcdo to catch Twister Fries before it says buh-bye again.  

So imagine my excitement when I arrived at the venue and saw this:

yes, she's one of my favorites in showbiz!

I am not a heavy coffee drinker that I used to be years ago, but I always make sure to have a cup of coffee every morning.  I don't eat breakfast (bad, I know), but a good coffee can help me last until lunch time (well, most of the time...hahaha)

This new line of coffee from San Mig is targeting super busy individuals, and to get Anne as its endorser is just logical.

Aside from caffeine, the San Mig Coffee Super Packs also contain energy-releasing B Vitamins such as B1, B2 and B6, to give unmatched and sustained stimulation for coffee drinkers.

It comes in 4 variants, all in 25g sachets:

San Mig Coffee Super
Strong coffee mix that gives a bold and full-bodied taste

San Mig Coffee Brown
Rich coffee taste with the distinct sweetness of brown suger

San Mig Coffee in Chococino
Sweet and balanced blend of coffee and cocoa

San Mig Coffee White
Creamy and sweet taste

Aside from the generous and sumptuous buffet, they have "free-taste" kiosks so you can sample one, or all coffee mixes.  I got myself the Chococino that night and I really liked it.  It's like hot choco with just the right coffee taste.

Ms. Gelli Victor, emcee

Mr. Allan Castro, General Manager for San Mig Coffee 

and of course, the beautiful Anne Curtis:

I really felt like a fan girl that night.  Na-starstruck ako!  I can't help but gush about how gorgeous she is!  I love her dress (probably an Herve Leger) and her shoes (Louboutin, maybe?)...and her face.  Geesh, she's so strikingly beautiful!

“I am a regular coffee drinker and drinking coffee helps me a lot during a very busy day. The good thing about San Mig Coffee Super Packs is that there seems to be a variant for any time of the day, and that’s something that people like me who work long hours will appreciate."  
 - Anne Curtis

Have you tried any of the super packs?  I've only tried Super and the Chococino, and I love it.  

To know more about the brand and to watch Anne's commercial for San Mig Coffee Super Packs (just in case you haven't watched it yet) visit (and like) their Facebook page.

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Chriselle Sy said...

Ganda nya talaga! Grabe, gusto ko ganyan din katawan ko! hahaha

In other news, yey may bagong coffee ang san mig :D

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