Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Calvin Klein brings you Eternity Aqua for Women...

Calvin Klein perfumes has got to be one of my favorites.  Some of the CK perfumes I've used are: CK1, CKIN2U, Escape, Krave and of course, Eternity.  My favorite perfume for men up until now is still Eternity for Men.  I still remember how I love the scent that I bought myself a small bottle.  (laughs) I didn't mind being told that I smell like a man.  

In the Spring of 2010, Eternity for Men Aqua was launched. Inspired by the freshness of the ocean, and encapsulates the effortless and easy confidence of a refined man, it was also the first aquatic fragrance for men by Calvin Klein.  

This year, Calvin Klein brings us Eternity Aqua for Women, the first aquatic floral fragrance for women:

Eternity Aqua is inspired by refreshing femininity with an effortless elegance. It has a modern and natural style with an easy approach to life and love. Featuring a sensual and uplifting scent reminiscent of a clean, crisp ocean breeze, this fragrance is meant for the smoothly stylish woman, with sophistication, confidence, and sexiness. 

(image from TheStyleSecure)

A gradient of deep blue and vibrant turquoise cascades up the tall, slender bottle to a clear cap, bringing to mind a deep aquatic pool with varying cool shades of blue. 

Check out this new fragrance offering from Calvin Klein in all leading department stores nationwide.
Php3950/50ml and Php5098/100ml

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Issa said...

you're not alone! there was a time that I also used Eternity for Men because it smells so good, hihi

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