Friday, September 14, 2012

Confidence Boost lipstick in Tickle Me Pink!

I've been hearing a lot of good things about the makeup from Colour Collection, most especially the Confidence Boost lipstick from Bianca Valerio's line.  But you know me, I am not really into lipsticks.  But yes, I've been so interested to get some since I heard about it.

So when I attended the Tupperware Brands event for their Search for Women of Confidence, and got myself a sample from the loot bag, I got so excited.  Weee, finally!

Confidence Boost lipstick 

Who doesn't love its black, sleek packaging?  And yes, that's Bianca's signature.  Cute!

Confidence Boost lipstick in Tickle Me Pink

Okay, I was disappointed right after I saw the shade in the tube.  I was like, "Whoa. bright pink!"  Again, you know me. I shy away from colorful lipstick shades and I prefer nudes. But well, I gotta try!

First, I swatched it on my hand and I went, "hmmm.."  

Then I applied on my lips...and me and this lipstick lived happily ever after!

I guess you know what happened next!
(wink wink)

 this lipstick is LOVE!

it's not heavy on the lips, creamy and easy to apply

It's bright pink but what I love about it is that it doesn't change the color after a long time.  I mean, I have tried some lipsticks where the color is really nice after application but it changes after sometime. Most especially with pinks.  It tends to look ruddy on me afterwards...some would even flake and make my lips itch.  Some would even leave a bit of tint on my lips which isn't attractive at all.  Hmm, it looks like cheap-looking pink after.  Yung parang pinilit maging pink?

Now that I've proven for myself that the lipsticks are good, I am now itching to get the other shades!  And probably more from Colour Collection.  I have no idea how much this costs, though I heard it's really affordable.

High-quality. Affordable.
Don't you just love it when these two get together?

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ValerieDeoferio said...

I love it when you smile! :) very beautiful and the shade ia really cute ^^~

Unknown said...

thanks Valerie! :)

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