Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Family dinner at Kitsho Japanese Restaurant and Sake Bar...

If you're following me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, you might have seen my posts about our family's stay-cation last weekend.  My mom's based in the province while me and my sister are living  (separately) here in Manila.  Me and my sis don't get to go home that often, so Mom tries to make sure that we still get to spend some time together by coming over here in Manila. Usually, we meet for lunch then some shopping (if budget permits, LOL) and then dinner, before she goes home.  If mom misses us too much (laughs), we'd spend the entire weekend in a hotel for a whole lot of eating, goofing around and more eating!

Last weekend, we stayed at one of our fave hotels here in Manila, the Traders Hotel.  We just so love it there because we feel so much at home.  The staff, from the guards, to the people at the reception, up to the waiters and even the managers are so polite and accommodating.  It's as if we're just in our own home back in the province.

It was almost 9pm when I arrived at the hotel, so we decided to have our dinner at Kitsho Japanese Restaurant and Sake Bar.  It wasn't our first time, I guess it was only my 2nd...but whenever we are craving for good Japanese food and there's no time to go out of the hotel, we go to Kitsho.

they serve cold towels so you clean your hands/face, but you can also request for hot towels 

house tea

I am not fond of house teas, but theirs is an exemption! I usually ask for a soda but when in Kitsho, I can get away with just their house tea


I initially thought it's just Baguio Beans, LOL!  I tried it and loved it...I think I ate most of it.  I also thought it's for free.  

Uni sushi

This is a must-eat for mom and sis whenever we go to a Japanese resto.  But sorry, I don't eat it.  I've tried, but I didn't like it.  They say it's really good.  But no, I am not fond of anything slimy. And yes, I hate Okra too!

Fish Sashimi

I'm not sure if I tried this.  But mom likes it.

California Maki

I forgot what salad this is.  Mom usually asks the dressing to be separated. It's really good. We had to order another one.

Fried eel skin

Apparently, it's a pulutan.  This is also yummy!


It's obvious, we love raw food.  But no, I'm still not eating that Uni sushi.

Chicken Teriyaki, my must-have at Kitsho

Asparagus wrapped in bacon

I prefer the one in Teriyaki Boy, though.  This one's kinda dry but still good. 


My sister's a bit sick (good thing not in the head, LOL) that weekend so we made sure she gets a good noodle soup.  I prefer my soup to be a bit spicy so I added a lot of red pepper.

I think this is the chicken with salt and pepper.  A bit dry, but still okay. I just prefer food with sauces, that's all.

And of course, we had desserts:

Roasted Banana with Vanilla ice cream

I was only after the ice cream, though.

Green Tea Matcha ice cream

Again, here's what we had for dinner:

Yes, we love to eat A LOT!
But it's just so unfair that I'm the only one who gains weight.  WAAAH!
I kept on complaining that my clothes don't fit me anymore, or that when I smile, I can already see the moles on my face without having to look at the mirror..but I still eat like there's no tomorrow most especially when I'm with my family.  Actually, kahit kelan naman. (laughs)

My apologies for not being able to provide with you the actual name of the dish and its price.  I'm not really a food blogger, but probably I should try to be one since I'm fond of food.  So yes, I'll take note of those things next time. 

Kitsho Restaurant and Sake Bar 
Traders Hotel
3001 Roxas Boulevard
Pasay City 1305

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Unknown said...

drooling for california maki :p~

Unknown said...

Made me sooo hungry and craving for Japanese food, especially maki and ramen!!! =D

Unknown said...

hihi, try Kitsho mga is really good!

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