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Keep your makeup germ-free with Nippon Esthetics Solutions Pro....

I've been doing makeup for other people for almost 4 years now.  If there's one thing you need to make sure of whenever you'd be doing makeup on other people aside from having the skills and confidence, you have to be sure that your stuff ARE ALL CLEAN. Besides, who would want germs on their faces that would eventually lead to skin problems?  I surely don't.  

In makeup school, I've learned that it's a MUST to use brushes.  Of course, there are times that it would be better to use your fingers but make sure that they are clean.  That's why it's mandatory to always bring a hand sanitizer or alcohol with you during makeup gigs.  Aside from brushes, you can also use sponges.  But not the ones that you can wash after each use.  Go for disposable sponges. That way, you can be sure that bacteria won't be transferred from one client to another. The same goes for lipgloss wands and even mascaras.  I must admit, I used to be not that particular with these before.  I use brushes, and disposable sponges...but for mascaras and lipglosses, I just wipe the wands with wet wipes before using it on my next client.  

One reason why some would tend not to take HYGIENE more seriously?  Well, the cost. These disposable sponges, wands and other tools cost some amount.  And given the competition among makeup artists these days when most tend to lower their fees, setting aside an amount to stuff like these that most would consider "kaartehan lang" will lower their earnings even more.  As some would say "Mura na nga ako, mababawasan pa kita." 

Well, I understand their predicament. I myself experienced "super-tawad-to-the-max" clients before...until now, actually.  But though I would sometimes give in, it doesn't mean I would sacrifice quality and hygiene just to cut costs.  Kung ganon din lang, I'd rather not do it.  In this industry, I've learned two things:

1.  It's a lot better when people get your service despite your (higher-than-the-others) rates, that would mean you are good...than people getting you just because you are cheap.  Hah, I've learned that from one of my good friends!  
2. If you won't be giving 100% of your effort (cleanliness and quality of tools included), don't do it.  Yes, there are clients who are not maselan and will not care if the makeup doesn't suit them or if your stuff aren't clean.  But what if you've encountered one?  I had clients who talked about some of the MUAs they've worked with in the past..some had something good to say, and some doesn't.  So I always make it a point that my clients are satisfied with my work, and that they won't feel like tinipid after getting my services.

Good thing there's Nippon Esthetic Solutions Pro - a professional line of Beauty and Hygiene Disposable Products. Aside from making you look a lot professional in what you do by keeping your stuff germ-free, they are also affordable.  

facial cotton quilts (Php50), disposable mascara wands-bent (Php225), wedge sponges (php180/32pcs, Php300/62pcs) and dual cotton tips (Php30)

 Nippon Facial Cotton Quilts 
Seamless quilts used for removing makeup and cleansing the skin. It’s seamless edges don’t leave unwanted cotton lint on face.

Nippon Disposable Mascara Wand Brush 
These disposable mascara wand brushes are built for individual use. Using this brush for mascara prevents eye infections and promotes sanitation for makeup artists. 

Nippon Cosmetic Wedge Sponges
These ergonomic wedge shape sponges are the best companion for makeup application. The wedge shape allows coverage in hard to reach areas for even application.

Nippon Dual Cotton Tips 100s 
Created for flawless eye area makeup application, this versatile product makes it easy for touch ups and cream based applications. Pointed and round ends.

facial tissues, disposable lip gloss applicators (Php225/50pcs), disposable mascara wands (Php225/50pcs) and micro precision tips (Php60)

Nippon Disposable Lip Gloss Applicator 
It easily absorbs just the right amount of lip product and gloss. It easily glides on the lips for a quick touch up!

Nippon Micro Precision Tips
Fine and ultra mini, this handy secret tool is perfect for the eye area when one wants to erase a bit of smudge at the corners of the eyes.

moist Sponges (Php25/5pcs), steel spatula (Php125) and sponge slices (Php50)

Nippon Moist Sponges
These moist sponges is the best type of sponge to use on the face and body. Its special material allows the skin to breathe. Ideal to use before each makeover, facial or body treatment and at-home wash.

Nippon Steel Spatula 
This stainless steel spatula mixes foundation shades easier. It also makes application of false eyelashes speedy!

Nippon 25 pc Sponge Slice
This 25 sponge slice is the same sponge as the versatile wedge. But this time, it's perfect for color matching or when you do simple touch ups. It's convenient size allows flawless application with hygienic benefits

They also have Parian Spirit Professional Brush Cleaner:

A quick dry professional brush cleaner that is easy to tote around on location. It instantly dries brushes after each use. Citrus in scent, it cleans, conditions and disinfects. Strong enough to use even for wigs and adhesives. 
Php1500/32oz, Php800/16oz, Php340/2oz spray, Php340/Glass Can

Also Available Glass Canister for easy deep cleansing of brushes

make sure you have these in tote whenever you go on makeup gigs

I love that this comes in zip-lock bags. I used to buy a bag of sponges from another brand before that doesn't have a zip-lock. I would always end up with sponges all over the floor...sayang!

This Brush Cleaner Wipe is just genius!  

With these being affordable, no more excuses of not having them each time you do makeup on other people and even on yourself.  With a little extra cost on you, you'll look more professional and serious on what you do. 

These are available at:
 Studio SnR, Unit 301 Millennium Place, 17 Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 
phone #: 584.5988
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