Saturday, September 1, 2012

Product Review: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF15

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Yes, today's officially the start of the -BER months.  Can you believe it's September already?  Time flies so fast, no?  And in a few more months, it's Christmas time once again!  So yeaah, better start with your gifts list. Too early?  Nah!  It's better to start as early as now to avoid the holiday rush.  (Okay, fine...this is what I've been telling myself for so many years already and yet, I still end up doing last-minute gift-shopping...tee-hee)

Anyways, for today I'll be sharing with you one of my favorite foundations to date.  This is the one I reach out for whenever I'd be out for an event or dinner with friends after a day's work.  Do I love it?  Very much so.  And I think this could be one great gift to someone who's into makeup this Christmas.

Bobbi brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF15

Finally - a natural-looking and long-wearing foundation. Comfortable and hydrating, this medium to full coverage oil-free formula never looks cakey or masky. Glycerin and shea butter keep skin feeling moisturized while a gel base creates a lightweight finish that stays color-true. Lasts for up to 12 hours even in the most humid conditions. Protects skin from future damage thanks to broad spectrum SPF 15 with antioxidant vitamins C and E.


Simple packaging, as with other Bobbi Brown foundations.  I love that it comes with a pump that works efficiently. 

 I'm using shade 2.0 Sand, which comes a bit lighter but since I am uber-acidic, this one works for me.  It's in gel formulation, and has a slight lavender scent.

 a little product goes a long way

waterproof, as long as you don't rub when wet

So let's see how it fares on me:

(Okay, you may stop laughing now.)

 after a layer of foundation

I didn't like this foundation at first, but after a few tries, I've found what application technique would work best.  First, I make sure that I moisturize well.  If you have flaking skin, it's better to exfoliate first then moisturize since this foundation would tend to highlight dry areas.  With a good moisturizer, you'll be assured of a smoother application.  I apply it using my CHARM stippling brush, spritzing Evian (or water) on it first then dip on to some product and stipple it on my face.  This foundation tends to dry up fast so wetting your brush prior to application would help.  It would also help in applying it evenly. 

I apply another layer because as you can see, I have tons to cover.  This foundation is already medium to heavy coverage so it's advisable to use sheer powder or translucent powder to set, or else, you'll end up looking cakey.

I use Shu Uemura loose translucent powder to set, or sometimes a light dusting of Graftobian powder.  I love that once it sets, the shade 2.0 matches me perfectly.

Skin doesn't feel tight, and heavy despite the medium to heavy coverage.  I didn't experience breakouts too. It's matte, but not the flat kind of matte.  Despite the layers of foundation, skin still looks like skin.

looks great on photos too!
(or maybe it's just me,  KIDDING!)

And the best part?

It stays put the whole day.  This is my photo after a long day at work.  No touch-ups!  I practically survived with just oil-blotting sheets.  

 Photo taken around 9pm, after a long day at work and some errands during lunch break.

Needless to say, this is the foundation I use whenever I know it'll be a long day ahead.

So again, what I like about it:
A little goes a long way.  I've been using mine quite often these past few weeks because of events after work and I'm not even halfway.
The subtle lavender scent is just relaxing.
Hygienic packaging because of the pump, that you can use on other containers after you used up the product
Feels light on the skin despite being medium-heavy coverage
Natural-looking finish
It stays put, and is waterproof!
It has SPF.

What I don't like:
It's expensive.  Priced at Php2650.
Takes a bit more time to apply because you really have to make sure you apply it evenly.  But the spritzing technique does help!

 Again, make sure you moisturize well first before using this. Usually, I use my Obagi sunblock on most days which is mattifying.  But if I'm going to use this, I use my Estee Lauder Cyberwhite EX sunblock which is a bit more wet in formulation.  It's like a moisturizer and sunblock in one.

So, will I re-purchase?  
I already did, for my clients' use.  The first one I got as a gift, and right after discovering how good this is, I got one for my clients. I got a darker shade so I can just mix it with my  shade should I need a shade in between. 

Having said all that, this stuff is AMAZING! 
A great Christmas gift, IMHO.

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Gellie Abogado said...

It's expensive, especially for someone kuripot like me. But I can see that it definitely is worth it. Makukuha ko din yan one of these days. Hahaha! I haven't used a foundation for months na. I have been using tinted moisturizer. Medyo tamad moments to layer stuff on my face, I guess. xD

Unknown said...

hi Gellie! first let me just say it's nicefinally meeting you in person hihi the first time was during the Cynos event pero i was too shy to approach you. good to see you at the Phil-Cosmetics Expo earlier :) anyways, if you dont need a foundation naman, ok na tinted moisturizer. pero this one is really good if you'd be out the whole day and u want your makeup to stay put. it's expensive pero really worth it, pramis! even my clients love it. ;)

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